Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

 Turkey sent in military reinforcements Thursday to beef up its positions inside Syria’s last rebel bastion Idlib, activists reported, even as the Turkish defense minister said Ankara is still trying with Russia and Iran to prevent a humanitarian tragedy in the case of a threatened Syrian government offensive, FOX NEWS reports.

Hulusi Akar, the Turkish defense minister, said a military operation in the densely populated rebel enclave would drag the already problematic region toward disaster. He spoke during a meeting with foreign ambassadors late Wednesday, according to the state-run Turkish Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish military is attempting to prevent a mass causality scenario and broker a cease fire in the region.  Russia, Iran and Syria to this point, do not seem open to a cease fire as they continue their bombings as well as massing troops and equipment on the borders of Idlib.

“We are working with Russia, Iran and other allies to bring peace and stability and to stop a humanitarian tragedy.” ~ Turkish defense minister

The United Nations and aid groups have repeatedly warned of a major humanitarian disaster if the offensive takes place in the northwestern province where an estimated three million people reside, half of whom are already internally displaced persons.

“They told us that … if Russia and Iran take the decision to attack the liberated areas and make even one step, they will intervene and will be at the front line with the Syrian fighters.  They are serious about this decision and their movements on the ground show that.” ~ Tariq Sulaq, commander of the Second Coastal Division

The United States and President Trump administration is closely monitoring the assault on Idlib, if any chemical or biological weapons are used the U.S has warned that we will immediately retaliate with the likes they have never seen before.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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