BREAKING: Federal Trade Commission Has FINALLY Started Busting Fake Veteran Charities!

These organizations that scam people all in the name of helping vets, boil my blood and I personaly believe they need to be handed over to the Vets and allow blunt force trauma to rain down upon them.

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Generous Americans give more than $2.5 billion a year to some 40,000 charities with missions designed to help veterans.

“It’s war profiteering,” Joshua Starks, commander of the 300,000-strong Oklahoma Veterans of Foreign Wars told Fox News. “They’re stealing from people who raised their hand and took an oath to serve our country and then went overseas to protect the rights of all of us–including the people who are stealing from them.”

Lately, however, this crowded field has been inundated by fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission.  Fox News

  • One alleged scam, known as Help the Vets, took in $20 million in donations intended for wounded and disabled veterans between 2014 and 2017, the FTC said.
  • Another solicited cars, boats and timeshares for several made-up veterans’ charities.

Help the Vets stated: “But for thousands of disabled veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, giving an arm and a leg isn’t simply a figure of speech — it’s a harsh reality … Your $10 gift will mean so much to a disabled veteran.”But 95 percent of the money donated to the group was spent on fundraising, administrative expenses, or paid to the founder, Neil G. “Paul” Paulson Sr., according to the FTC complaint, which was filed with cooperation of six other states on Wednesday.

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust spends 96 percent of its budget on vets. Fisher House devotes 91 percent. But according to public records reported by “Charity Navigator,” the Wounded Warrior Project spends 60 percent on vets.

CBS News reports that “Their mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors, but what the public doesn’t see is how they spend their money,” said Army Staff Sergeant Erick Millette.

Millette came home from Iraq in 2006 with a bronze star and a purple heart — along with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

Initially, he admired the charity’s work, and participated in its programs. He took a job as a public speaker with Wounded Warrior Project in 2013. But after two years, he quit.

“You’re using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money. So you can have these big parties,” he told CBS News.

Millette said he witnessed lavish spending on staff.

“Let’s get a Mexican mariachi band in there, let’s get maracas made with [the] WWP logo, put them on every staff member’s desk. Let’s get it catered and have a big old party,” he described.

“Going to a nice fancy restaurant is not team building. Staying at a lavish hotel at the beach here in Jacksonville, and requiring staff that lives in the area to stay at the hotel is not team building,” Millette continued.

More than 40 former employees who described a charity where spending was out of control.

Two of those former employees were so fearful of retaliation they asked that their faces not to be shown on camera.

“It was extremely extravagant. Dinners and alcohol, and just total accessm” one employee explained. He continued, saying that for a charitable organization that’s serving veterans, the spending on resorts and alcohol is “what the military calls fraud waste and abuse.”

These scumbags deserve far worse than they will receive and anyone who wants to actually help veterans, I encourage you to do your homework and make sure it is a trustworthy project.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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