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Russia is blocking publication of a United Nations report finding North Korea in violation of UN sanctions limiting its imports of fuel, including through some illegal transfers of oil at sea involving Russian ships, UN diplomats said.

“The report is on hold because we disagree on certain elements of the report and on the conduct of the business itself,” Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya told reporters late on August 30 after a closed UN Security Council meeting on the matter, Radio Free Europe News reports.

One of the main elements in the report that Russia is furious over is that Russia has been providing fuel to North Korea via shipping routes, in which they transfer the fuel ship-to-ship.

The United States placed a fuel sanction against North Korea, the United States last month called on the council to end all further fuel exports to the country this year in a move that was ignored by China and Russia.

Look, are the North Koreans wishing or maybe changing their mind on denuclearization? It’s possible. But we’re not going to change our mind on sanctions. We’re not going to change our mind on denuclearization and we’re not going to change our posture in terms of how we look at that as a threat.” ~ Nikki Haley

Besides finding violations of fuel import limits imposed by the council, the 62-page report also found violations of bans on North Korean exports of coal, iron, seafood, and other products that generate millions of dollars in revenue for Kim Jong Un’s government, media reports said.

Pyongyang “has not stopped its nuclear and missile programs and continued to defy Security Council resolutions through a massive increase in illicit ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products, as well as through transfers of coal at sea during 2018,” AFP

President Trump will have to address the North Korea situation soon, one in which he has already stated the public will not be privileged too until after the “Actions” have taken place, because he will not reveal to our enemies what our plans are.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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