Mexican Steals Cadillac Escalade- HORRIFIED When He Discovers What’s In Back

A man made off with a hearse with a corpse inside on Friday in central Mexico, according to police.

 Photo credit/ Comisaría Preventiva Municipal de San Pedro Tlaquepaque/Facebook


A Mexican man stole a car- that happens all the time. Nothing unusual- that’s what a lot of criminals do.

But this story is a tad different than most- he stole a hearse that still had a body inside! LMAO!

The Tlaquepaque Police Department said in a Facebook post the 40-year-old man, whose name was only given as Annibal Saul N., took the vehicle after seeing the keys left inside, FOX News reported.

The hearse, a Cadillac Escalade, had been readied to take the body of an 80-year-old man from a hospital in neighboring Guadalajara to a funeral home.

It’s not yet clear if the man knew the body was inside at the time when he took the vehicle.

Officers later spotted the hearse on a highway and arrested the suspect, who has since been turned over to prosecutors. Police said on Facebook they were able to recover the vehicle and the body inside.

Here’s the post from Municipal Preventive Police Station of San Pedro Tlaquepaque;

WARNING– This has been translated to English so it’s far from perfect!


The unit was carrying a corpse, which was similarly recovered

It was recovered by elements of the Municipal Preventative Police Station of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, a float that was stolen in the Colonia Jardines de la Paz, in Guadalajara, shortly before it moved the body of a man to a funeral home. The unit was recovered minutes later in the Camichines neighborhood and the arrest of a subject who was driving the unit in question was achieved.

The facts were recorded when the radio booth of this corporation, received a report where they reported that moments before, an individual had stolen a float in the facilities of the clinic 14 of the IMSS, located at the junction of the avenues Revolution and Rio Nilo, and in it was the body of an 80-year-old man, who was going to be transferred to a funeral home.

Subsequently, a police operation was set up to search for the Chevrolet Silverado type car with conversion to Escalade, white color, model 2010. And it was a few minutes after this Police station managed to locate it on the Zapotlanejo Highway at its junction with the Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas, in the Camichines colony, so that immediately, it was possible to intercept it and recover the float and the body.

The now detained said to be called Annibal Saúl N., of 40 years of age, which assured to have taken advantage of that the float had the keys stuck to the switch to steal it. The subject was placed at the disposal of a Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State Attorney’s Office, where their legal status will be determined.

Well, I’ll admit that is better than my Spanish.



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