WHOA! Miley Cyrus Snaps Selfie, Internet ERUPTS When People Notice Something Odd On Body…


Ah yes. Miley Cyrus. What can we say? For God’s sake this girl is a fricking mess! Yes folks, the former Disney star has let it be known that she loves Bernie Sanders and hates our WONDERFUL President- DONALD J. TRUMP!

But that’s not what this article is about. This is about why you kids should never do drugs, lol.

Cyrus posted an image of her new tattoo. Frankly, it’s ugly as hell. The ‘artist’ should look into getting a new occupation. He sucks.

From Twitchy:

Miley Cyrus has a new tattoo, everyone! It’s of “Jupiter” — or, at least she thinks it’s Jupiter as she added the hashtag “#lilbbjupiter” in the caption…


What a moron. She thinks she has a tat of Jupiter but we have news for her- THAT’S SATURN YOU BRAINDEAD LIBERAL FOOL!

And, like I said she loves Bernie Sanders. What a mixed up, drug addicted pile of crap she is. If Sanders was president, all the money she makes from her filthy liberal fans would be re-distributed. Liberals are absolutely brain dead. But you already know that.

She promised to leave the country if Donald J. Trump is elected president.

Adios you filthy liberal train wreck! I hate to tell you, actually I don’t, but DONALD J. TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT!

NOW PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! I hear Canada is nice this time of year. Or better yet-move to Venezuela!

By the way, your music sucks. So does your dad’s.




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