FOX Reporter Asks Man Why He’s Homeless, Had No CLUE Who She Was Talking To

California has been in a severe drought but thanks to El Nino they got a ton of rain this year. That’s great news for most Californians but not so good for the homeless people that are living on the streets, thanks to the policies of Democrats.

This is a heart wrenching story of one homeless man named Freddie Aguilar. Freddie is 48 years and has been homeless for over five years and like I said, this is a story that will melt your heart.

A local news correspondent, Fox’s Gina Silva took to the streets to talk to people on the street to discuss the torrential rains that Californians are experiencing. That’s when she came across Freddie. They had a conversation about the weather and that’s when the homeless man revealed that he was recently hospitalized with pneumonia and a collapsed lung.


Then Silva asked the man how he became homeless and on the streets.

“I’m living on the street because my girl died of cancer of the uterus in 2012. When she was sick, I wasn’t going to leave her in the hospital for two months battling the disease that she had,” Freddie explained.

In what can only be described as the most awesome display of love and loyalty Freddie revealed the sacrifices he made for the love of his life to make sure that her remaining time was comfortable.

“I lost everything because of her and I didn’t care. It was all material stuff, the one thing I miss is her,” he said.

Since her death, Freddie has been living on the streets and staying in shelters when he can. To this day, Freddie doesn’t regret a thing that he did for his partner and said, “I would have sold my soul to the devil for her, that’s how much I loved her.”

“Her name was Flor Marlene Bryant. When you lose material things, it’s just material things but when you lose somebody you love, it hurts more than anything,” Freddie said.

Our heart’s and prayers go out to this fine man and applaud his dedication to the love of his life. The fact that he sacrificed his entire life and all of his worldly possessions to comfort his dying partner shows what a great man he is.

I am personally going to try to contact Ms. Silva at FOX and see if we can help Freddie. He is a wonderful man and we want to help him however we can.

God bless.

(H/T Mad World News)

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