WHOA: President Trump Just SCORCHED Chicago

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired back at President Trump on Wednesday, saying the president should focus on other matters instead of badmouthing his city.

The mayor was quick to allude to Trump’s mounting legal troubles one day after the president assailed Chicago’s crime rate and immigration policies at a Tuesday night rally in West Virginia, Fox News reports.
President Trump delivered the blunt truth on Chicago’s status as a high-crime city that also is a sanctuary city for immigrants.
“Take a look at Chicago. How about the mayor of Chicago? It’s like a war zone. This is what those policies do,” ~ President Trump
Mayor Rahm then responded to the President:
“First of all, we’ll always be a welcoming city, because Chicago welcomed my grandfather, etc. But let me just say one thing, if I were Donald Trump, I’d spend my time figuring out which attorney I’m going to have,” Mayor Emanuel Rahm
Chicago is notorious for their crime and shootings and being a sanctuary city obviously plays into those statistics though the Mayor denies it and says the illegals are peaceful and it is the “native citizens” that are the problem. A Chicago research analyst told Fox 32 Chicago that violence in the city’s “war zones” is “virtually all carried out by native-born Americans” rather than immigrants.
Back in July of this year, Rahm was critical of Trump and stated he is against Trump and is part of the democratic party looking for impeachment.
“I don’t know if I’ve ever thought this, but I did yesterday: Can you actually take away a president’s security clearance, since they shouldn’t be getting intel from the intel community? I’ve never seen anything like this.” ~ Mayor Rahm
Amid Chicago’s crime problems, Emanuel faces building pressure to take action or resign, the report said.
Chicago will continue to have it’s violent issues and democrats like Rahm are the problem.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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