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New Mexico compound mysteriously destroyed by authorities

Following a court order, authorities seized an RV at the New Mexico compound where five adults are believed to have been abusing 11 children and training them for school shootings. An underground tunnel at the site where remains of a 3-year-old were found is now buried in rubble, as ammo and a bulletproof vest sit in piles of uncollected trash. Geller Report

In what should be breaking news all over our nation about the Islamic Compound in New Mexico, it is instead be silently swept away and ignored by mainstream media.  We as Americans should be demanding answers from the Feds about this compound and the indoctrination and training that was taking place behind its walls.  Instead people are too focused on their sports, Hollywood and being told what to believe by the mainstream propaganda machine.

The authorities in New Mexico had told NBC News that there were still a lot of questions that needed answered and those answers were only going to come as they investigated the Islamic compound.  Shortly afterwards, the Feds had the compound bulldozed:


For years people have been trying to wake up America to the fact that Islamic compounds are coast-to-coast and they are training to destroy our nation by setting fires, training with firearms, training with explosives and the ultimate goal is death to Americans.

People need to wake up and realize this is not a candy-coated world that rains skittles from the sky, reality of our nation and the corruption within the federal government is deep and every single American should demand to know why they destroyed the compound in New Mexico so that the local authorities could not investigate it any further.

At least one of the women at the Islamist cult compound in New Mexico had links to al-Qaeda in that she was a big fan of al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, according to a public account from a Muslim activist and reports from sources who spoke to Clarion Project’s Clarion Intelligence Network. RWT News

The actual leader was most likely a woman from Haiti named Jany Leveille, who cult members called “Maryam” (or Mary), a name adopted to equate her with a modern incarnation of the mother of Jesus. She is the second wife of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. RWT News you can read the full article here.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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