ALERT: Look Who Just THREATENED President Trump AND America

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

“Everything We Represent Goes In Total Contradiction To What The West Represents, Because All Of Islam Is In Opposition Of Secularism”

Haitham Ibn Thbait: “There’s a global narrative against ideological Islam, a narrative that wants to scare Muslims away from the straight path, to instill distrust in the straight path.”

“Many of our community members are recruited so that they can translate, so that they can corrupt our aqida [creed], and so that they can consult the kuffar [unbelievers] in how to derail the Muslims and set them on a course pleasing to the West. Policy-makers work long and hard to ensure that we Muslims believe that you can succeed under their ways and with their values. And that is why we see them promoting these so-called ‘hip’ Muslims who clearly violate the laws of Allah.

We see a veiled Muslima [Muslim woman] on the cover of a sex magazine. We see Muslims in their armies. We see Muslims in political office. This is their way of saying to us: ‘You don’t need your straight path. We have all you need.’ As early as 2004, RAND stated that they needed to get behind the modernists. They need to provide them with the platform to disseminate their ideas, and this is exactly what we are seeing today – the promotion of the secular Muslim. Whether knowing or otherwise, Muslims in the West are soldiers against Islam. The Geller Report

“We Need To Understand That Islam Is The Solution To All The Ills That Have Destroyed Them – And If We Seek To Fit In, Then We Are Part And Parcel Of The Problem That Is Infecting The World At Large”

People tend to forget about the cancer of Islam in the United States, because mainstream media now focuses on anti-Trump and the propaganda of the Left, which is the mains source allowed on social media now.  That’s called indoctrination but how do you convince people to wake up and free their minds and find the truth themselves?  Honestly, I continue to try and it is like herding cats.

From the CAIR Website:

It’s Up to You, Not the Courts, to Defeat the Muslim Ban

Question: Can we defeat Trump’s Muslim Ban after yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision?

Answer:Yes.It is up to all of us to defeat the Muslim Ban.We’ll defeat it the same way Trump’s family separation program was recently forced to shut down after advocacy organizations – like CAIR – and fair-minded Americans responded to the call to action.

Just one hour after the Supreme Court’s ruling, CAIR hosted a press conference at its national headquarters, just a few blocks away from the Supreme Court and Congress, declaring that the fight against the Muslim Ban, and against the Trump administration’s anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies will continue.

CAIR and its allies nationwide are working to mobilize all Americans to defeat the Muslim Ban. We are organizing all those who value religious freedom and constitutional rights to demand that Congress pass legislation to defund the ban and further pressure the White House to grant more visa waivers.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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