WATCH: Videos Of “Anti-Fascists” CRUSHED By Police At The ‘Unite The Right’ Rally In D.C.

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Hundreds of counterprotesters, including Antifa, confronted a group of white-nationalist demonstrators Sunday at the so-called “Unite the Right II” march toward the White House — and many pushed back as officers tried to clear the area in the evening, triggering scuffles.

A passing thunderstorm forced the far-right demonstrators to break down their rally stage in Lafayette Park near the White House prematurely, but as police escorted them from the area, reports of Antifa resistance emerged. Some 200 anti-fascists, many of them wearing black masks, confronted police about a half-mile from the White House as officers shoved them back, The Associated Press reported. Fox News

Members of Antifa were seen launching eggs, fireworks and water bottles at police officers and the Secret Service, beating people in the street and threatening members of the media during the uber-left, so-called anti-fascist group’s counter-protest of rightwing rallies this weekend in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, Fox News reported.

The rallies, which drew about 40 alt-right or pro-white nationalist demonstrators to Charlottesville, occurred to mark the one-year anniversary of the violence in that Virginia city that left one woman dead. An event was also held in Washington, D.C., which attracted about 150-200 Antifa members, many wearing black masks.

Their website is “Unitetherightrally” and here are some key points on their site:

We will have Rally Marshalls and Legal Observers on site and when you arrive I, or another team member, will show you the distinctive clothing they will be wearing to tell them apart.9. REMEMBER: If you feel your rights are being violated in any way contact a team member for assistance.

Do not react with anger to anyone. There will certainly be provocateurs trying to get a reaction out of you by trying to stick cameras in peoples’ faces, yelling, etc.

Law enforcement has assured me that agitators will be kept apart at a safe distance. If this is not the case alert a team member IMMEDIATELY so that the situation can be rectified before it becomes a larger issue.

REMEMBER: There is no expectation of privacy. Antifa, the media and law enforcement know everything that we do. Don’t let that rattle you. Law enforcement are there to help both sides safely express their rights (hopefully). Don’t react to Antifa or the media.

Don’t forget to bring these items:

–American or Confederate Flag 4′ x 4′ or smaller, preferable detachable from the pole (for potential transit on trains) Watch this for more information.

Do NOT bring these items:

-Pepper spray, clubs, knives or other weapons
-Non-approved flags

ALWAYS Be aware of your surroundings. Do not talk to the media. Do not engage in any fighting. ALWAYS be a good representative for our cause.

I am not advocating or slamming the group, I wanted to point out some key statements that they put on their site stating no violence and do not engage media or counter-protestors and they specifically point out to work with LEO on scene.

Mainstream media drools over events like this, so they can spew their propaganda and create even more tension and hate.  I have a different perspective on what is happening in our nation that has caused severe division and anger.

Under the Obama administration Black Lives Matter rose to the surface and became the “untouchables” as they carried out violence and hate across our nation.  Attacks on police officers became popular as well as attending “Pro-Trump Rallies” to counter protest and to carry out their hate by violence and intimidation.

As if that wasn’t enough, Antifa sprang into the spotlight to join BLM and Black Panther groups against what they called white privilege, which is complete garbage and shows a true lack of education.  As time went on and the nature of our nation became violent towards white people and those that these hate groups deemed targets, our nation started to become a powder keg that was leading up to a serious confrontation between these groups.

I have stated for years that these hate groups can only push and use violence for so long before people retaliate and push back and that is exactly what happened.  Charlottesville became the battle ground and it erupted and people lost their lives.

Now here is the blunt truth, this is Cultural Marxism and Obama is not only an advocate he has been a student of it his whole life and enacted it almost to perfection as a psyop on America.

Cultural Marxism has been dubbed “the greatest cancer in the Western world” but few even know what it is.

The seven theses of Cultural Marxism:

(1)  Support of the Third World immigration and refugee invasion of the West.  Cultural Marxists adamantly insist on Third World immigration and refugees for the West, and oppose the deporting of Third World invaders.  Support of Third World immigration (both legal and illegal) is the #1 precept of Cultural Marxism.
(2)  The promotion of concepts like anti-racism, diversity, multiculturalism, multiracialism, white privilege, structural racism, etc.  All these concepts can traced directly to Cultural Marxism.  These concepts barely existed 100 years ago and were popularized by Cultural Marxists beginning in the 1930s.
(3) The support of transracial adoption.  Cultural Marxists vehemently want white people to adopt non-white babies instead of making white babies.  In short, they want whites to be cuckolds.
(4) Cultural Marxists want to insist that things like gender and race really do not exist and are merely “social constructs,”  although genetics shows that both do exist.*  For instance, using Structure geneticists can easily cluster people into racial groupings.

(5) Cultural Marxists denote anything they oppose as “hate speech” in order to try to censor it.  Cultural Marxists are vehemently opposed to free speech.

(6)  Cultural Marxists adamantly support globalism and oppose nationalism.

(7)  Cultural Marxism is basically an anti-white ideology that supports the dispossession of white people and the eventual “blending white people out of existence” through Third World immigration and race mixing.  Cultural Marxism, in essence, is anti-white (i.e. opposed to people of European ancestry).

All one has to do is look at the past 20 years if not more, to see the evolvement of Cultural Marxism in our nation and look how easy it is to find puppets to carry out the hate and division.  It still thrives and is a cancer, the only way to stop it is for people to wake up to what is happening in our nation, for people to see our Bill of Rights being stomped and our freedoms destroyed.
People say they want to Make America Great Again yet they do not see that this only happens when people unite and stand against those who desire to destroy Liberty.  People will still ignore by choice or by ignorance what is happening and only when the hate is at their front door will they wake up.  Of course this is just my observation and I do not expect people to jump aboard, I do hope and pray that people research it and come to their own conclusions based on the facts and blunt truth.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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