El Paso Sector Agents remain busy arresting lawbreakers

FT. HANCOCK, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol Agents in Ft. Hancock took a man into custody who had been previously deported, but was in need of medical attention.

On July 28, agents working near Ft. Hancock were waived down by a local resident who said a man was in need of medical attention. The Agent stopped to assist the man, later identified as a 21-year old named Javier Buelna-Contreras. He appeared to be in a state of dehydration.

The agent facilitated his transport to Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso for extreme dehydration. Once released from the hospital, Contreras was transported back to the Ft. Hancock Border Patrol Station where he was processed as a “Reinstatement of a Prior Order of Removal”.

During a conversation with an agent, Contreras freely admitted to being an active “Paisa” gang member. Contreras was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility awaiting prosecution for re-entry after deportation 8 USC- 1326.

The following day, Border Patrol Agents from Clint arrested three illegal aliens who tried entering the country. The subjects were taken into custody near Clint, Texas. Once they arrived at the Clint Border Patrol Station for further processing, agents discovered that one of the men freely admitted to being an inactive MS-13 gang member.

He was identified as Oscar Fabricio Aviles, from El Salvador.  Border Patrol Agents also discovered through criminal records that Aviles had previously been deported from the U.S. for numerous crimes he committed while living in Boston, Massachusetts, including a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Each day, U.S. Border Patrol Agents exercise vigilance in protecting our country. Rapid response by agents, who are the first line of defense, helps prevent the furtherance of dangerous criminals into our communities, while keeping our nation’s borders safe.

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