BREAKING: The US Is Ready To “BRING THE PAIN” To Iran According To This Country

This is not stating WAR is upon us, it is saying that the potential for war is on the horizon.

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Is this a warning shot to the mullahs of Tehran? Or, is the US quietly lining up its allies in preparation for military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities – and therefore a potentially total war with the Islamic Republic? (the Australian branch of the Murdoch empire) reports:

The United States is reportedly prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear capability as early as next month — and Australia will have a role to play.

According to senior figures in the Turnbull Government, the US is almost ready to pull the trigger on sites related to Iran’s nuclear program, in a move that would no doubt impact the wider region, American Thinker reports.

One particular facility, the Pine Gap joint defense facility in the Northern Territory, would play a significant targeting role in joint US-led strikes on Iran, according to the report, it’s “considered crucial among the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence partners… for its role in directing American spy satellites.”

The report comes at a time when tensions between Washington and Tehran are hitting boiling point. In one of the latest exchanges of threats between the two nations, Iran said that a war with it would be the “mother of all wars.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dismissed the ABC’s report calling it a “speculation.” He acknowledged though that “the whole world” is aware of Trump’s attitude towards Iran.

President Trump has never been one to boast or brag about his military decisions and strategies and at this point we simply do not know what our military intent is.

I will say it makes complete military sense to have “military strategic assets for elimination” when it comes to Iran.

Bottom line is, President Trump and his administration know how dangerous and on the edge Iran is and their desire for WMD’s.  Iran will never cave to our demands nor will they ever comply, so this will boil down to other nations convincing Iran to de-nuclearize or we will go hot into a conflict.

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne, when asked whether Mr Trump’s threats against Iran should be believed, said: “Certainly President Trump has indicated that he’s a person who’s prepared to act in a way that previous presidents haven’t.

“And for that reason, one should always take anything that he says extremely seriously.”

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis reinforced America’s hard line on Iran while speaking alongside Ms. Bishop, Defense Minister Marise Payne and US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo at the AUSMIN meeting in San Francisco mid-week.

SOD Mattis said Iran had been a destabilizing influence throughout the region.

“The only reason that the murderer Assad is still in power [in Syria] — the primary reason — is because Iran has stuck by him, reinforced him, funded him,” he said.

“We see the same kind of malfeasance down in Yemen, where they’re fomenting more violence down there. We’ve seen their disruptive capabilities demonstrated from Bahrain to the kingdom.

“And it’s time for Iran to shape up and show responsibility as a responsible nation.

“It cannot continue to show irresponsibility as some revolutionary organization that is intent on exporting terrorism, exporting disruption across the region. So I think the President was making very clear that they’re on the wrong track.”

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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