LOOK: Democrats Are Now Hijacking The Tea Party Name, Here’s What Else They Are Calling Themselves

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough coined a nickname Tuesday morning for the open-borders, Russia-crazed, socialist far left — “Woke Nation” — and compared this radical Democratic faction to the populist Tea Party of 2010.

Scarborough confidently predicted Tuesday that “Woke Nation” will propel Democrats to victory — though not necessarily in 2018. The Morning Joe host suggested that during the next presidential election cycle, the Democratic party would be “more pragmatic” than the Republican party in 2012, when establishment pick Mitt Romney failed to oust incumbent Barack Obama, Breitbart reports.

“2010 Tea Party, Meet 2018 Woke Nation, A Democratic wave in November will propel to Congress a new cast of liberals who are beholden to ideological rigidity and constituencies that will punish aisle-crossing,” ~

This shows the complete ignorance and lack of any United States History, the current democrats and their violent behavior is in no way a “revolution” in the name of freedom.

Everything they stand for, everything they believe, is an absolute destruction of the United States.

Joe Scarborough released a new single Saturday that he says is inspired by the anti-Donald Trump Women’s March.

The new song, titled “Stand,” is “dedicated to those who #Resist,” the Morning Joe co-host wrote in a tweet Saturday morning.

“Once in your life, you may get the chance to stand/Against a column of tanks, holding up your hand,” Scarborough sings in the verse. “And once in your life, you may get the chance to say/words like deep within your heart, that change the outcome of a day.”

“And oh, the world turns violently, we’re battered by the savagery/But we will not break, not on bended knees/We will not go down quietly, we will not go down silently.”


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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