BREAKING: Russia Launches New Nuclear Weapon That Can Hit ANYWHERE In The World And Wipe Out An Area The Size Of TEXAS

Russian Nuclear Weapons Can Wipe Out An Area The Size Of France!


Russia has tested a new nuclear weapon that can hit anywhere on the globe and wipe out an area the size of Texas or France. The military footage shows the weapon of mass destruction in action during the latest round of testing.

According to The Daily Mail, Russia has claimed that the RS-28 Sarmat missiles are capable of striking targets via both the North and South poles and can carry more nuclear warheads than any other missile on the planet. Additionally, the RS-28 Sarmat missiles are able to deliver up to 24 of Russia’s new Avangard hypersonic gliders, each of which can carry its own nuclear payload.

The Avangard missiles currently travel at speeds of Mach 20 (20 times the speed of sound) and there is no defense system on earth that is capable of stopping them.  Once launched, the new weapon uses aerodynamics to sail on top of the atmosphere. It is capable of making sharp twists and turns on its way to targets, making it “absolutely invulnerable to any missile defense system,” reported the Daily Mail. 

Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that both the weapon also dubbed “Satan 2” will be combat ready by 2020.  Putin has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the United States, especially when it comes the insistence that he meddled in the 2016 election, favoring president Donald Trump.  He has also previously delivered a warning to the United States over its pursuit of anti-missile defense systems, according to USA Today. “Efforts to contain Russia have failed, face it,” he said. “Nobody listened to us. Well, listen to us now,” Putin added, referring to accusations that Washington has been violating non-nuclear proliferation agreements by assisting countries from Poland to Japan to establish global anti-missile systems.

“No one in the world has anything like (this weapon),” Putin said. “It may appear someday, but by that time we will develop something new.”

The United States and Russia have about 90% of all of Earth’s nuclear weapons.




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