Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported, on Wednesday, that Russia has killed 1771 children, since its intervention in the Syrian conflict.

In a report released today by the network, it said that the Russian troops committed brutal massacres and killed 6187 civilians, including 1771 children since its intervention in the Syrian conflict.

Russia intervene in Syria in September 2015 after an official call from the Syrian regime,  to fight the so-called terrorist groups, which resulted in the killing of thousands of civilians due to the ongoing raids on the rebels-held areas.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Network for Human Rights pointed out that the massacre that took place in Zardna Village, in the northeastern countryside of Idlib last June, resulted in the killing of 52 civilians, including ten children.

It also added that two consecutive air raids were carried out by two warplanes, which believed to be Russian, on the southwestern side of the village.

The SNHR called the UN Security Council to send the Syrian file to the international criminal court to punish all involved parties, in addition to expanding the sanctions to include the Syrian, Russian and Iranian regimes, which are directly involved in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.


From Syria News



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