Gabriela Perero, 53, allegedly beat her mother to death after learning she was not in her will.

Gabriela Perero, 53, allegedly beat her mother to death after learning she was not in her will. (Broward Sherriff’s Office)


A 53-year-old Florida woman, who reportedly beat her mother to death after discovering she’d been left out of her will, allegedly described the assault to cops before telling them she’d come to terms with her likely fate: “I guess I’m going to jail.” 

Fox News reports that Gabriela Perero was arrested Friday and charged with premeditated murder and aggravated battery on a person 65 years or older, Broward County arrest records show.

“I guess I’m going to jail, I beat up my mom,” the Sun-Sentinel reported Perero told police as her mother Luisa Perero, 85, lay battered and dying. “I pushed her down, grabbed her and tore the skin off her arm.”

She said she became enraged that her siblings received an inheritance while she was caring for her mother and was left out, the police report said.

The daughter told a detective she began ransacking papers and breaking picture frames on Thursday night. She pushed her mother,  to the floor, grabbed her by the arms and “ripped her skin off,” the report quotes Perero telling an investigator.

Perero also described grabbing her mother’s neck with both hands and squeezing, police said.

She told her mother, “You destroyed my life, so I’m going to destroy you,” Perero according to a detective.

After the beating, Perero took her mother to a bathroom and washed the blood off of her, put her in bed and called 911, police said.

The two were living together in the 600 block of Tennis Club Drive in Fort Lauderdale before the fatal confrontation, Gabriela allegedly told authorities.

Luisa briefly regained a pulse but was ultimately pronounced dead at Broward Health Medical Center, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Gabriela Perero was denied bond and is awaiting trial.

What a terrible situation.



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