BREAKING: Look At The DANGEROUS Thing People Are Doing To WALMART Shopping Carts!

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

A Connecticut woman claims she was cut by a razor blade found in the handle of her Walmart shopping cart on Sunday.

Kelly Coulay of East Windsor wrote on Facebook that her finger was injured by a razor blade “shoved in to cart handle” and that she’s “upset beyond belief.” Fox News reported.

“[I] turned my cart around to go down an aisle and then I caught something on the underside of the handle. I didn’t know until later that it was actually a blade,” Coulay


East Windsor police are investigating after a razor blade was found stuck in the handle of a shopping cart at Walmart on Sunday.

The officers responded and they were able to identify a razor blade that was in the handle of a shopping cart,” said East Windsor Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl.

The officers, as well as the Walmart staff, checked all of the other shopping carts and found no others with razor blades.

Police said they do not know if it was intentionally stuck in the handle, but they say it is hard to believe otherwise.

“In this day and age with people that do different types of things, unfortunately this is one of those things that somebody could have done maliciously just for the intent of harming another person,” Carl said. WFSB Local 3 News

Walmart said in a statement that it’s “disturbing” that someone would try to harm a customer or store worker. The company says they are currently conducting regular checks of shopping carts, Fox Local News reported 

Another theory is that shop lifters use them to open the packages so they can slip the items under their clothing as the packaging is to bulky.  They don’t want to have a knife or blade on them if they get caught so put a little blade like that right on the cart handle and open it in the child seat to cover what you are doing.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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