BREAKING: National Association Of Muslims Just Made SICK DEMAND To America

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Executive Director of the open borders organization Muslim Advocates, Farhana Khera, is asking Senate Democrats and Republicans to stop President Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Breitbart reports.

Farhana Khera & Muslim Advocates

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Farhana Khera is Executive Director of Muslim Advocates and the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML). Prior to joining Muslim Advocates and NAML in 2005, Ms. Khera was Counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Property Rights.1

Muslim Advocates is a U.S.-based national legal advocacy organization

At an annual dinner hosted by Muslim Advocates in Millbrae, Cal., Khera criticized government sting operations as “entrapment operations” targeting innocent Muslims with no real ties to terrorism. She also argued that sting operations fuel “anti-Muslim sentiment” and draw attention away from “actual threats.”

Khera was also quoted in USA Today saying, “Some of these [terrorism] cases look and feel like entrapment.” She also said that “But for the government‟s role in these cases the suspects may have been left with their own bravado. Law enforcement resources need to be focused on actual threats.”

At an Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Chicago , Khera focused part of her remarks on Muslim community leaders – those often sought out by law enforcement officials for community relations and outreach. They might be using you, she warned, to get to members of your mosque:

“And sometimes these community members don’t even think of themselves as a source. You know that they just might think themselves – Well I have a good relationship with the head of the FBI office; you know he comes by my office from time to time and we have tea, or we go to lunch, and he just talks to me about the community. But what may seem like an innocuous set of conversations in the FBI’s mind they may be thinking of you as an informant, as a source. And the repercussions and the harm that that can cause can be pretty serious.”

Farhana Khera made a statement about President Trump and why it is vital to stop him and Kavanaugh:

Given President Trump’s notorious and well-documented hostility toward Muslims, immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and women, Americans need — and deserve — a Supreme Court justice who will protect all Americans and not be a rubber-stamp for the President’s discriminatory and bigoted policies.  Unfortunately, Kavanaugh will only further threaten to erode our nation’s promise of freedom, justice and equality for all.

Based on his judicial and professional record, Kavanaugh on the court would give Trump a green light to put his bigoted agenda in place without checks, without balances, and without regard to the rule of law.

Recent Supreme Court decisions — like in Masterpiece Cakeshop and on the Muslim Ban – underscore how this Supreme Court is willing to show clear religious favoritism. Adding Kavanaugh to the Court would be disastrous for anyone who cares about religious freedom and equal protection for all when stacked against the bigotry of President Trump.

Kavanaugh would weaken the role of the judiciary in protecting our democracy at a time when it is critically needed.

We urge the Senate to reject this nomination.

This is the United States and we finally have a President that is battling to Make America Great Again, we must not bow to the Muslim communities that have infiltrated our nation.

The Trump administration is looking to have Kavanaugh confirmed in the Senate before October 1, 2018.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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