Baghdad ( The Syrian forces and Russian allies have carried out hundreds of airstrikes against towns in Daraa province, south of Syrian, in an unprecedented escalation since beginning of attacks against the region more than two weeks ago.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said more than 600 airstrikes were carried out since Wednesday night.

“The Russian and Syrian jets are turning the region into hell,” the observatory said on Thursday, indicating “hysterical shelling against the countryside of Daraa in an attempt to make the factions surrender after they rejected the Russian proposal on ceasing the battles during the recent round of talks on Wednesday.”

The Syrian opposition had been in talks with Russian since Saturday in efforts to reach an agreement to end the battles, however, no agreement was reached.

The first round of talks ended on Saturday as the opposition delegation withdrew saying the conditions set by the Russians are almost humiliating surrender.

Several towns, controlled by the opposition in the southwest, striked agreements, separately from the main opposition factions, with the government in light of progress by the army and the airstrikes.

The United Nations had said that fighting in the southwest of Syria caused 270,000 persons to flee their houses.

Wow, It’s getting crazier over there.

Will it end?

No. Let them fight over their sand, camels and goats.

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