BREAKING News Out Of North Korea… This Is Really BAD

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“Too much politeness conceals deceit.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly ordered a high ranking army officer to be executed after he was accused of giving extra food and fuel rations to troops and their families.

Daily NK reported that Hyon Ju Song, the lieutenant general of the Korean People’s Army in the country’s capital, Pyongyang, was executed by a firing squad for “charges of abusing authority and engaging in anti-Party acts.” Fox News

The leader was infuriated on discovering the fact that 56-year-old Hyon Ju Song, a lieutenant general of the Korean People’s Army, had been giving extra rice and corn rations to his troop and their families.

The officer, who was found guilty of profiting the enemy, engaging in anti-Party acts and abusing authority, was shot with 90 bullets by nine military death-row convicts at the firing range of the Kang Kon Military Academy, located in the capital, Pyongyang. IB Times

“We no longer have to suffer and tighten our belts to make rockets or nuclear weapons,” the officer had reportedly said while checking oil supplies for the launching station.

Hyon ordered “2,000 pounds of fuel, 1,300 pounds of rice, and 1,600 pounds of corn to military officers at the Launching Station and their families.”

The fact that North Korea has not lived up to their part of the peace treaty and has actually amped up their production at their main nuclear facility, proves by actions that the words from North Korea are simply, just words.

Kim Jong Un’s regime is guilty of genocide on their own people and starvation of their military.  They murdered one of their own officer’s for attempting to feed his soldiers, let that sink in and then tell me again how we can trust North Korea.

North Korea’s nuclear cadre continues to proceed with business as usual because they do not have any specific orders issued from Pyongyang to stop.

Kim Jong Un promised to “work toward” the goal at the June 12 summit in Singapore, which produced a vaguely worded agreement that provided few details about the rogue regime’s commitment. AFF News Report

The military intelligence community knows 110% that North Korea cannot be trusted and that they are still a very real threat as well as an enemy of the United States.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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