BREAKING News From Saddam Hussein’s DAUGHTER!

Baghdad ( The daughter of Iraq’s late president Saddam Hussein has mourned the death of his former deputy, Izzat al-Douri, who the news about his survival have been conflicting.

A source close to the lawyer of Raghad Saddam Hussein, Haytham al-Hersh, was quoted by Iraqi website Sky Press saying that the lawyer had been asked by his client to send a condolence message to the family of Izzat al-Douri.

According to the source, Douri died of a hematological illness at a Tunisian hospital.

Douri’s exact whereabouts have been unknown since a U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 toppled former leader Saddam Hussein. Occasional reports have been made of his death but none were confirmed.

A video was shared in April, featuring Duri in a speech commemorating the establishment of the now-defunct Baath Party, which he claimed to have been from Baghdad. He warned of “a popular armed revolt to eliminate the traitors”. He blamed the current authorities for the death of millions of Iraqis and destruction of Iraqi cities.

Meanwhile Iraqi News reports that Iraqi forces killed three Islamic State fighters while trying to sneak into Kirkuk province, a security source there was quoted saying on Thursday.

Iraqi website Almaalomah quoted the source saying that Popular Mobilization Forces killed the trio while trying to enter al-Riyadh, a former group stronghold in southwest Kirkuk.

Iraqi forces recaptured Islamic State’s strongholds in Kirkuk province last September as part of a wide-scale military operation to retake areas occupied by the militants since 2014. The government said last December it had seized back all territories held by the group in Iraq. But Kirkuk, and other recaptured areas, have seen occasional attacks by the militants against security forces, sparking fears that the group might still represent a security threat through hiding cells.



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