BREAKING: Top NFL Quarterback And OPRAH Demand NFL Players Kneel! [WATCH]

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Tom Brady didn’t have too much to say last week when he met with the media for the first and only time this offseason, but apparently, that’s because he was saving everything for Oprah.

The Patriots quarterback recently sat down with the media mogul for a lengthy interview that’s set to air on Father’s Day. Although you won’t be able to see the full interview until Sunday, the Oprah Winfrey Network did release several preview clips this week where Brady talks about multiple things, including the national anthem protests, his relationship with his wife and just how spiritual he is, CBS Sports reports.

Referring to a game against the Houston Texans last September in which more than a dozen Patriots players kneeled during the pre-game national anthem. In an act of solidarity, Brady and many of his other teammates stood and locked arms.

“We support what people are going through,” Brady continued. “I’ve been playing sports long enough and everyone comes from something different. I think showing respect for everybody in a locker room — a team full of guys trying to go the same direction — you better have that empathy for everybody. That’s what sports are about.

“We had meetings after practice talking about how we wanted to deal with that particular situation.  We chose to lock arms and put arms around each other. We support what people are going through.”

The controversy surrounding the U.S. national anthem protests continues to be a hot topic in the NFL, and now Tom Brady is all about the political NFL and the protests against the national anthem, United States Military and LEO.

These self-entitled spoiled brats continue to spread their hate and division, Brady is a complete sell out and has been busted for cheating along with the Patriots organization on several occasions.

Brady should be sent to the sand box and lace up with the real men and women of this nation and exchange lead down range.  He is nothing but a loud mouth coward and uniting with Oprah is just pathetic, and shows his true colors.

The battle between the NFL and President Trump was reported by RWT, Early reports said that the Eagles planned to send ten players to meet with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday. However, according to a new report, the true number of planned attendees is closer to what you would have if you dropped the zero from that number.

RWT also reported on UFC Champ blunt truth on NFL and he really wants to go to the White House and meet Trump!  After winning his title, the UFC’s new interim welterweight champion Colby Covington said that unlike the “Filthadelphia Eagles,” he would be proud to visit the White House!

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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