BREAKING NEWS Out Of North Korea… Here’s What We Know

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

North Korean state media highlighted President Donald Trump’s concessions on war games, while lauding the Singapore summit with their leader Kim Jong Un and the U.S. president, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Kim has let it be known that he is willing to discuss denuclearization and a peace treaty to end the Korean War — without insisting on a pullout of U.S. forces. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has journeyed to Pyongyang to meet with Kim. And on Friday Kim announced that he will end nuclear and missile tests and shut down the site where the nuclear tests have been conducted.

These are not “breakthroughs” signaling peace in our time. These are indications of how skillfully Kim is maneuvering to preserve his nuclear program while relaxing international sanctions and dissipating Trump’s “fire and fury.” In reality, as numerous experts have pointed out, “denuclearization” doesn’t mean the same thing to Kim that it does to Trump. For Kim, it’s a code word for the United States withdrawing its security guarantee from South Korea, allowing the North to bully and possibly even swallow its neighbor. A “peace treaty” would advance this goal. ~ Washington Post

“Kim is a more adept con man, and Trump an easier mark, than even I had imagined.” ~ WP

SEOUL, South Korea — A day after its leader’s historic talks with President Trump, North Korea wasted no time on Wednesday spinning the results in its favor, claiming it had won major concessions from the United States.

Many do not see North Korea giving up their ICBM’s and nuclear warheads that Kim Jong Un’s ancestors spent decades creating to be able to “protect” itself from the United States military complex.

Also begs the question, why are we not also addressing the chemical and biological weapons that North Korea currently has and continues to create?

So far this whole “show” has been surrounded in shadows and theories, with very little actual intel being released and not to mention, North Korea has made these promises before and never followed through.

It is our duty to look at the big picture and ask the vital questions, we are never supposed to blindly follow the government, regardless if you stand with the President or stand against.

There is a lot of information being bubbled over on what is actually going on, as information becomes trustworthy facts, we will report it.

One thing is painfully clear, the North Korea “Show” is far from over and China is the Puppet Master.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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