Black THUG Hears THESE 3 Words From WHITE Judge, Courtroom Instantly EXPLODES…


BOOM! Black lives matter… Yes that all too familiar phrase that most of us agree with, but object to isolating one race as to who is important. All lives matter is much more appropriate, in my humble opinion. 

Anyways, a Manhattan judge used the phrase (that we are all sick and tired of hearing) when sentencing a black thug to prison for 24 to 26 years for attempted murder! You go judge!


The black thug, Tareek Arnold, 24, was found guilty of attempted murder.

Another standout Obama loving citizen.

During sentencing, Justice Edward McLaughlin told defendant “Black lives matter.”

“I have heard it, I know it, but the sad fact is in this courtroom, so often what happens is manifestations of the fact that black lives don’t matter to black people with guns,” he said.

Arnold, who is black, shot rival Jamal McCaskill, also black, four times at close range in the summer of 2015, New York Post reports.  He also has a prior gun possession conviction.

Prosecutor Meghan Hast asked for the maximum, arguing that “but for extreme luck, this would have been a homicide.”

After cops captured Arnold for the shooting, he escaped with his hands cuffed behind his back, bum rushing an officer to the ground. Big mistake dude.

Bizarrely, the victim, McCaskill, testified for the defense insisting that Arnold wasn’t the culprit even though the Harlem shooting was caught on surveillance video.

What an idiot. But Black Thugs Lives Matter right?

“The video shows that Mr. McCaskill is an abject liar,” the Judge said, who has presided over hundreds of cases related to the city’s epidemic gun and gang violence.

Defense lawyer Mark Jankowitz requested the minimum sentence of 10 years, arguing that Arnold’s 1-year-old son would be without a father.

Judge McLaughlin countered: “Do not ask a judge in this room, in this building, or in this system to somehow make amends for the people who commit violent acts and who by their violent acts wind up leaving people orphaned, abandoned, fatherless, etc.”

Then the judge slammed him with his quarter of a century sentence where he will be locked in chains and tossed in his stinking box where he belongs.

HELL YEAH! Good riddance scumbag. Enjoy your cage.



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