BREAKING News Out Of Buffalo, New York… HOLY HELL!

Buffalo Area CBP Officers Make Multiple Arrests and Seizures During Busy Memorial Day Weekend

BUFFALO, N.Y. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers made multiple arrests and seizures over the busy holiday weekend at several area border crossings.  Arrests involved U.S. and Canadian citizens for narcotics and currency violations, in addition to two travelers arrested on outstanding warrants.

Peace Bridge Port of Entry
Peace Bridge Port of Entry

“CBP officers are America’s first line of defense against smugglers and criminals,” said Area Port Director Cary Frieling. “Holiday traffic periods are challenging, but our officers are trained to spot smugglers and criminals while facilitating the smooth flow of legitimate visitors to the United States.”

At Peace Bridge, CBP officers arrested a U.S. citizen when 84 grams of THC-laced gummy candies were found in his vehicle.

Also at Peace Bridge, a 29-year-old U.S. citizen, who turned around after inadvertently entering the bridge, was arrested for possessing a variety of illegal substances, including 12.6 grams of marijuana; 123 grams of marijuana gummy candies; five containers of marijuana oil; 8.6 grams of marijuana wax; 8.6 grams of marijuana concentrate; and 10.2 grams of marijuana kief, a form of marijuana pollen.

In additional separate incidents, three Canadian travelers were each found possessing small amounts of personal use marijuana.  Each traveler was assessed a $500 penalty and refused admission to the United States.

CBP officers also arrested two U.S. citizens on outstanding warrants; a 36-year-old traveler wanted for a protection order violation, and a 28-year-old traveler wanted for Failure to Appear.  The two travelers were turned over to Buffalo area law enforcement authorities for processing.

At Lewiston Bridge, CBP officers seized more than $20,000 from a 30-year-old Canadian citizen who failed to report total amount of currency in possession over $10,000. Officers seized the currency and the traveler was refused entry into the United States.

Lewiston Bridge Port of Entry
Lewiston Bridge Port of Entry

In fiscal year 2017, officers in the Buffalo Field Office made 640 narcotic seizures and 507 arrests.

CBP Field Operations is responsible for securing our borders at the ports of entry. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers’ primary mission is anti-terrorism; they screen all people, vehicles, and goods entering the U.S., while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel into and out of the U.S. Their mission also includes carrying out traditional border-related responsibilities, including narcotics interdiction, enforcing immigration law, protecting the nation’s food supply and agriculture industry from pests and diseases, and enforcing trade laws.

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