BREAKING: 75 People Just Found DEAD


Nineveh, IRAQ – Iraqi relief workers recovered the bodies of 75 people who were buried under the rubble of destroyed homes in the western side of Mosul’s Old City, Iraqi News reports.

The civil defense directorate in Nineveh told Al-Aan online newspaper that the recovered bodies were found in Shaikh Ibrahim, Jamea’ al-Masfa and al-Qulaiat districts in Mosul’s Old City.

This weekend, Nofal al-Aakob, the governor of Nineveh, declared the Old City in Mosul empty of bodies under the rubble.

“The civil defense department as well as others managed to recover all the bodies under the rubble in the Old City. No more bodies are there,” Aakob told reporters.

Meanwhile, in Duhuk, IRAQ, fierce confrontations occurred on Saturday among the inmates inside a prison in Duhuk province, a security source was quoted saying.

Speaking to Alghad Press, the source said, “confrontations broke out among inmates at Zarka prison in Duhuk province, without knowing the reasons. Three inmates were killed, while 22 others were wounded.

Security troops, according to the source, “transferred the wounded to the prison hospital and conducted investigations.”

As RIGHT WING TRIBUNE reported, the Iraqi military intelligence department has announced that they prevented a major ISIS terrorist attack against troops in the desert of Anbar province.

In a statement this weekend, the department said “the troops of the 10th division carried out an operation that managed to thwart a scheme planned by terrorists who were going to target the security forces.”

Moreover, the department said “an operation was launched that raided two rest houses of Islamic State, north of al-Thirthar desert in Anbar.” Huge amounts of weapons were seized inside them, Iraqi News reported.

Earlier today, a paramilitary leader was quoted saying that Iraqi army warplanes killed seven Islamic State militants after bombarding their locations in Wadi Jaal in Hit, west of Anbar.

Qatari al-Obaidi, a local mobilization troops commander in Anbar, told Almaalomah website that army aviation targeted an underground tunnel belonging to the group in Wadi Jaal in Hit, west of the province, leaving more than seven militants dead.

Iraqi warplanes launched, earlier this month, a new wave of air raids against outposts of the Islamic State group in Syria.

Iraq declared victory over Islamic State militants in December, ending three years of operations to retake territories occupied by the militants to declare a self-styled “caliphate”.

Anbar’s town of Rarwa, close to borders with Syria, was the last ISIS bastion recaptured by the Iraqi forces. The government had said its forces regained full control over the borders with Syria, but militants have staged occasional attacks from there, prompting the government to carry out military raids on the group’s locations inside Syria.

The United States military has led the way in eradicating ISIS in many regions.




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