BREAKING: 1000’s Of People TRAPPED


A new lava flow spewing from a fissure caused by Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano crossed onto the geothermal plant property and continued its slow advance as officials worry that the molten rock could block more escape routes, trapping residents in several nearby neighborhoods on the Big Island, FOX News reports.

The destructive lava flows that have been setting homes, roads, and land ablaze in Lower Puna dealt a critical blow on Saturday night when it created a 20-foot wall of lava on Highway 137,  Hawaii News Now reports.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, the powerful lava flows cut a crucial access point to Lower Puna communities when it crossed the road just south of the major roadway’s 13-mile marker. The late-night lava flow forced Big Island police to shut down parts of the highway and implement roadblocks between Kamaili and Pohoiki roads.

One of the only other routes in that area — Highway 130 — is currently only open to residents, and has already begun developing cracks. Authorities installed metal plates on Highway 130 earlier last week, resulting in weight limits for motorists using that route.

The highway closure is expected to impact thousands of residents trying to get in or out of the already isolated Lower Puna communities.

Lava flow from fissure 21 crossed onto the Puna Geothermal Venture, known as PGV, and continued advancing east on the property, USGS reported. The flow continued its “slow advance eastward” early Sunday morning, but “has not moved significantly closed to Kapoho Road.”

Residents have been concerned about the lava rupturing wells at the plant, causing deadly hydrogen sulfide and other gases to be emitted, Reuters reported. Authorities already shut down the plant and removed 60,000 gallons of flammable liquid at the start of the volcanic activity. The wells were also deactivated.

At least 82 structures, including dozens of homes, have been destroyed since the volcano began erupting three weeks ago. About 2,000 people have fled their homes as lava encroached on neighborhoods.

Maui Emergency Management Agency crews are helping Hawaii County with resources, but it’s unlike anything many of them have ever seen.

“(Look at) how huge this thing is,” said Herman Andaya with Maui Emergency Management, when he first saw the two-story wall of lava. “The magnitude in the flow, and everything.”

Please pray for these people.



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