BREAKING: What Just Happened To President Trump Means FULL BLOWN WAR!!!

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President Trump blasted the “Criminal Deep State” early Wednesday, suggesting things have “turned around” in “SPYGATE,” following revelations of a reported FBI informant snooping on the Trump campaign, Fox News reports.

“Look how things have turned around on the Criminal Deep State. They go after Phony Collusion with Russia, a made up Scam, and end up getting caught in a major SPY scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before! What goes around, comes around!” ~ President Donald Trump

“SPYGATE could be one of the biggest political scandals in history!” ~ President Trump

The Presidents comments come after reports that an FBI informant communicated with at least three members of his campaign—Foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, Trump aide Carter Page and campaign adviser Sam Clovis.

During a Tuesday appearance on ‘The View’, no less than the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper described what was done by the Obama administration to Donald’s Trump campaign as “spying.”

“With the informant business, well, the point here is the Russians.  Not spying on the campaign but what are the Russians doing? And in a sense, unfortunately, what they were trying to do is protect our political system and protect the campaign.”

What’s more, Blake and Clapper attempting to spin idea that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign for “friendly” purposes is beyond laughable, and we know this was not the case for the reasons Hume points out: the Trump campaign was never informed of this counter-intelligence operation for the simple reason that this counter-intelligence operation had been launched against Trump and his campaign, Breitbart reported.

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