BREAKING News Out Of Georgia… IT’S BAD


Law enforcement officials in Atlanta have reported that three Georgia police officers were released from the hospital Sunday after being sickened by a strong odor  from chemical fumes when they discovered a dead body in a motel room.

Officials were called to the United Inn & Suites in Decatur just after 4 p.m. Saturday about a dead body in a room on the third floor, FOX5 Atlanta reported. Three Dekalb County police officers entered the room and reported feeling dizzy and nauseous after coming in contact with the chemical that had killed a 48-year-old man in the room.

Something in there made the officers sick,” Fire Capt. Eric Jackson said on Saturday.

The FBI responded to the scene and identified Sunday the chemical found in the room as a mix of household cleaners, Fox News reports.

“Other than a combination of household cleaning solutions, no other harmful substances have been identified at this time,” police told Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

The officers were taken to the hospital and were said to be conscious and alert Saturday night, Fox reports.

Nearby hotel rooms on the third floor were evacuated, and other guests were prevented from returning to their rooms as police and firefighters locked down the hotel.

“The police were telling us to leave,” one guest said. “We’ve been out of our room for three hours. What was really the cause?”

Emergency crews transported those three police officers to the hospital as a precaution. They were later reported to be OK and have now been released.

HAZMAT crews arrived on the scene and the GBI is attempting to identify the chemical substance in the room. Currently, no harmful substances have been identified other than a “combination of household cleaning solutions,” officials said.

Police are not releasing the victim’s names, but they have said he is a 48-year-old black man.

Crews from the Medical Examiner’s Office carefully worked to transport the man’s body to prevent contamination. The equipment of the other officers transported must also be decontaminated as well, police officials said.



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