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SHE’S BACK! Monica Lewinsky Just Dropped A BOMB! Bill Clinton CAN’T HIDE NO MORE!!!


Monica Lewinski was uninvited from Town & Country magazine’s philantrophy summit, which took place Wednesday morning at Hearst Tower in New York, Fox News reports.

Why? Because Bill Clinton got invited so the liberals decided to turn their backs on the “Me Too” movement which supposedly cares about women who have been sexually harassed, raped and treated like animals.

“dear world: please don’t invite me to an event (esp one about social change) and –then after i’ve accepted– uninvite me because bill clinton then decided to attend/was invited. it’s 2018,” she tweeted.

It’s unclear what event Lewinsky was referring to, but HuffPost reported the former White House intern was uninvited from Town & Country magazine’s philantrophy summit, which took place Wednesday morning at Hearst Tower in New York.

Lewinsky, 44, said the organizers behind the event offered her the opportunity to write a magazine article instead.

“p.s. …and definitely, please don’t try to ameliorate the situation by insulting me with an offer of an article in your mag,” Lewinsky tweeted, adding that author Emily Post, known for writing about proper decorum, “would def not approve.”

A spokesperson for Clinton said the former president was invited to the summit and “gladly accepted. Neither he nor his staff knew anything about the invitation or it being rescinded.”

Angel Ureña


Yeah right. What a bunch of trash.

Bill Clinton is a womanizing pile of shit.

Clinton opened the event and introduced Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students behind the March for Our Lives gun control movement, who spoke on a panel about TAKING AWAY OUR GUNS.


Lewinsky has been in the spotlight since her affair with Clinton in the 1990s when she was in her early 20s. Often ridiculed, she’s become an anti-bullying advocate and activist.

Bill Clinton is a womanizing pile of shit- oh yeah, I already said that.

One thing, could you imagine being married to Hillary and only being allowed to have sex with her?

LMAO- I’ll get off Bill’s case – he did what he had to do but he is and will always remain a pile of liberal garbage.

All liberals are garbage.

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