BREAKING News Out Of Florida… She Passed Away In A HORRIFIC Way

Police are investigating Olya Langille's [right] death after she was found in Dr. Naval Parikh's [left] apartment.

Police are investigating Olya Langille’s [right] death after she was found in Dr. Naval Parikh’s [left] apartment. (Facebook)


An 18-year-old model was found dead in a Florida doctor’s home following a night of partying, sex, drugs and alcohol, according to police reports.

Olya Langille died of an accidental overdose on March 26, 2018, an autopsy stated. Fentanyl, cocaine, Xanax and ecstasy were discovered in her system, Willard Shepard at NBC Miami reported.

Langille’s body was discovered at Dr. Naval Parikh’s Fort Lauderdale apartment. Parikh, 41, who works at Broward Health’s emergency room, told investigators he met the woman at Blondies, a sports bar, where they had a few drinks and went back to his place. The two then proceeded to “snort cocaine, smoke marijuana and had consensual sex” at Parikh’s apartment before falling asleep, Kathleen Joyce  at Fox News reported.

Investigators found “several small zip-lock bags containing suspect cocaine and/or heroin, and a suspected drug pipe” in a nightstand of the doctor’s master bedroom where Langille was found deceased and nude in the bed.

Olya’s friends and family say they are concerned to learn the details of her final hours, especially that her death was in the home of a 41-year-old doctor.

“I’m still having a hard time grasping all the sadness and all the upset that we’ve had in her family and my own family because of her loss,” Leslie Maxson, a friend of Langille, told NBC Miami.

Fort Lauderdale police said they do not suspect foul play was involved in Langille’s death. However, her family and friends believe the sex between Langille and Parikh was not consensual.

Look at that guy! What in the hell was she thinking?

Rest in peace young lady.


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