Three New York City muggers jumped a teen for his expensive-looking sneakers — that turned out to be fakes, according to reports.

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The Air Jordans, which the 17-year-old victim was wearing, would have been worth $2,000 if they were the real deal, the New York Post reported.

The thieves found out they were knockoffs when they tried to sell them to a sneaker shop 20 minutes after the mugging, according to the paper. The violent April 28 assault in Flushing, Queens, in broad daylight was caught on camera, Fox News reports.

The Post spoke to a store employee who said he didn’t know the sneakers had been stolen.

He said they looked like authentic Air Jordans until he examined them more closely.

“They tried to sell them to us,” said another employee, who dealt with the trio at the counter. He asked to be ID’d only by his first name, David.

He had no idea the shoes were stolen. “It just seemed like a normal transaction. They didn’t stutter They just told me they wanted to sell it.

“They asked, ‘How much could I get for these?’”

David compared the offered sneakers with the real ones they had in stock.

They appeared “exactly” the same, he said, until you looked closely.

“Cheaper material,” David explained of the knock-offs. “The stitching was different.”

He told the trio, “They’re fake. We can’t buy them.”

Asked to estimate the value of the knock-offs, the first employee lowballed — a lot.

“Zero dollars, because it’s a fake!” he said.

Cops had been canvassing nearby sneaker consignment stores when they discovered the .IMAGE store surveillance video.

“The real reason why we didn’t buy them — the shoe was a knockoff,” an employee at .IMAGE, who asked not to be ID’d by name, said on Thursday.

The victim had been standing on a sidewalk on Quince Avenue on Saturday when the muggers’ white sedan slowly passed him by, then pulled over.

The three ran out of the car and one grabbed the victim from behind and pulled him down to the sidewalk, holding him. The other two each grabbed hold of one sneaker and yanked it off. Then they ran back to their car and bolted.

Photo / NYPD

Video of the mugging shows the victim being jumped from behind, thrown to the ground and stripped of his sneakers, all in a few seconds. He is then seen chasing after the thieves, who flee in a white vehicle.

On Thursday police released video footage of the suspects inside the sneaker store, WCBS-TV reported.

The victim suffered cuts to his knees and arms in the mugging, according to the station.

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