BREAKING: Rosie O’Donnell May Be Heading To Prison After Major ILLEGAL Crime Just Surfaced


Actress and comedienne Rosie O’Donnell exceeded the legal limit in donations to Democratic Party candidates, according to a New York Post analysis of her campaign filings, Breitbart reports.

The Post reported that the fat, foulmouthed, liberal scumbag O’Donnell, 56, has repeatedly broke Federal Election Commission that prevents an individual from giving over $2,700 to a candidate at any single election.

“Nothing nefarious,” the outspoken star and Donald Trump hater wrote in an email to the Post. “I was not choosing to over donate.

“If 2700 is the cut off — [candidates] should refund the money,” she wrote. “I don’t look to see who I can donate most to … I just donate assuming they do not accept what is over the limit.”

O’Donnell said she donates often, and uses the online liberal fundraising platform ActBlue. “My anxiety is quelled by donating to those opposing trump [and] his agenda — especially at night — when most of these were placed.”

Some of O’Donnell’s donations include $4700 to Sen. Doug Jones in his Alabama Senate race against Judge Roy Moore, as well as $3,600 toward Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb in March’s special general election.

Other recipients include California Rep. Adam Schiff, and congressional candidates Lauren Wood and Omar Vaid in Illinois and New York, respectively.

According to campaign filings, O’Donnell gave over $90,000 in donations throughout the 2017-2018 election to 50 separate federal candidates and committees. She has also given at least $25,100 for local candidates since 2000, including a maximum donation of $4,950 to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“My anxiety is quelled by donating to those opposing trump [and] his agenda — especially at night — when most of these were placed,” she said.

O’Donnell, of course, is one of Hollywood’s most prominent anti-President Donald Trump and anti-Republican campaigners. Last year, she described everyone working under President Trump as a “Nazi.”

Following House Speaker Paul Ryan’s announcement last month that he would not run for re-election, O’Donnell declared that the Wisconsin representative is going “straight to hell.”

AFF previously reported that Rosie’s unhinged rantings sounded like they came from a mental hospital, with her repeatedly offering up to $2 million each for any Senator who would derail the bill that gives Americans more money in their own pockets. Even after being told she’s in violation of the federal statutes prohibiting the bribery, whether intentional or not, of public officials, Rosie refused to relent and instead doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled-down on her offer.

Obviously, this woman has some mental issues. But that’s beside the point.

Now we get to the good part – the part where it looks like Rosie may be trouble…big trouble.

Gregg Re, an attorney writing for the Daily Caller, explained just how bad her egregious display of lawlessness was.

Federal law addresses O’Donnell’s actions.

18 U.S. Code § 201 criminalizes the attempted bribery of federal officials by whoever “directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official … with intent to influence any official act.”

The penalty? For Rosie, she could spend up to 15 years in jail, suffer a lifetime ban from elective office and pay up to a cool $12 million:

The statute calls for a fine of “not more than three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value, whichever is greater, or imprisoned for not more than fifteen years, or both, and may be
disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.”

Taking this further, Downtrend explains the following:

It doesn’t matter if O’Donnell doesn’t really have 4 million dollars, she hasn’t worked in years, she made the offer. She would probably try to argue that she was making a joke, but it’d be too easy to prove in a court of law that she ain’t funny. It would also be easy to prove that she has been working against the Trump administration and Republicans for over a year just be entering her hysterical Twitter feed into evidence. This was a serious offer, as delusional as it may be.

The punishment for attempting to bribe a public official is up to 15 years in prison and a fine of “three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value.” Since she offered 2 million to each senator, that’s 6 million a piece or 12 million total. But it gets more interesting since she also offered any Republican senator the same deal. There are 52 Republican Senators and at 2 million each, that makes 104 million times 3 which is 312 million. In addition, she’d be looking at 52 cases of trying to bribe a public official so she could also face 780 years in prison.


Jeff Sessions promised to return the rule of law to America. Given that Rosie was dead serious about her offer, I think it’s high-time he make an example out of these leftist lunatics and prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.

After all, if she had seriously offered someone a million dollars to kill the President (she has not done this, yet), she’d be sitting in jail for a decade, so what makes this crime any worse?

God Bless.


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