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Crazed Man Whips Out Baseball Bat And TRASHES McDonald’s Restaurant For 1 Ridiculous Reason [VIDEO]



Lubbock, Texas — An extremely hungry maniac wanted biscuits and gravy at around 4:00 am so he went to McDonald’s but the fastfood chain wasn’t quite ready to take any orders because a worker informed the hungry and angry man that the restaurant was temporarily closed in order to reset the computer system, and told him to come back in 20 minutes.

He came back in 20 minutes with a baseball bat, and a score to settle with the drive-thru window.

What a freaking idiot.

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KCBD reports that security footage from outside the McDonald’s shows the man marching back toward the restaurant and taking a few swings at the drive-thru window. An employee inside was reportedly able to get out of the way before the window broke.

Police are currently looking for the suspect, who was seen in surveillance footage wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and what appears to be a backwards baseball cap, Fox News reports.

The McDonald’s is said to be operating as normal in the wake of the incident, with a temporary window in place at the drive-thru.

Absolutely ridiculous.

God Bless.


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