BREAKING: 5 Police Officers Dead/Injured… Here’s What We Know


Kirkuk, IRAQ – Five policemen were killed, injured in an attack launched by Islamic State members, south of Kirkuk, an informed security offficial said on Thursday.

In remarks to Shafaq News website, the source said ISIS members attacked, late on Wednesday, Federal Police personnel in Rubeida village, south of Daquq.

The attack, according to the source, left two personnel killed and three others injured, Iraqi News reports.

The extent of the injuries is unknown at this time.

Moreover, the Security Media Center denied news that some villages, south of Kirkuk, fell to the militant group.

“An MP from Kirkuk as well as some media outlets said some villages, located south of Kirkuk, fell to ISIS members,” the center said in a statement. “The news are totally untrue.”

“The truth is that some unknown members sneaked into some villages in the dark. They escaped after security troops there chased them,” the statement added.

On Wednesday, news reports quoted sources as saying that around 60 ISIS members attacked villages in Daquq town, south of Kirkuk.

On Thursday, the media office of Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Iraqi F-16 jets carried out deadly airstrikes against Islamic State locations in Syria from the Iraqi borders side.

Dozens were killed in the attack.

This came after Abadi said on Wednesday that security troops will follow ISIS militants in the whole region, not only in Iraq.

The strikes, according to the statement, were carried out “depending on orders from Haidar al-Abadi, who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.”

The statement also added that the strikes “would help expedite the elimination of the ISIS in the region after it was conquered in Iraq.”

Iraq is holding hundreds of foreign wives and children of Islamic State militants who were captured as Iraqi forces gradually seized back territories held by the extremist group since 2014. The government declared victory over ISIS last December, however, observers warn that the group still poses a security threat with sleeper cells.

Authorities say they are coordinating with other countries to extradite those held who are not convicted of terrorism.

Islamic State continues to launch sporadic attacks across Iraq against troops. Security reports indicate that the militant group still poses threat against stability in the country.

Abadi announced, in December, full liberation of Iraqi lands, declaring end of war against ISIS members.

The war against ISIS has so far displaced at least five million people

God Bless.


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