BREAKING NEWS Out Of San Francisco! This Is CRAZY! [VID]

A suspect identified as Matt Hermsmeyer, 46, was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing a beer truck in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Photo via Santa Rosa Police Department /FOX


A homeless man dressed only in American flag shorts was arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing a truck full of beer and leading police on a highway chase, authorities in Northern California say.

Police later identified the suspect as Matt Hermsmeyer, 46. He was charged with suspicion of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, priors for auto theft, resisting arrest and violation of his probation.

Here’s the official report from Santa Rosa Police Department:

This morning at approximately 11:51, a beer delivery truck was stolen from MD Liquor store in the 1900 block of Sebastopol Road. A customer went into the store and told the delivery driver, who was inside at the time, that a transient male wearing American flag shorts, jumped into his beer truck in the parking lot, and drove off. Luckily, the beer truck company had GPS on their truck and located it within minutes in the 300 block of Yolanda Avenue.

beer truck
Photo via Santa Rosa Police Department

Shortly after being notified of the location of the beer truck, SRPD officers, including a K-9 officer and his partner, and Henry-1 from the Sheriff’s Department, merged in the area where the suspect was last seen running. Several citizens called in to report the male running across Hwy 101, wearing nothing but the red, white and blue shorts. Within 45 minutes, the suspect, later identified as 46-year-old Matt Lane Hermsmeyer, was taken into custody as he hid in the bushes. Hermsmeyer was taken into custody without further incident.

Hermsmeyer was booked into the Sonoma County jail for 10851 CVC, stolen vehicle, 496 d (a) PC, possession of stolen property, 666.5 (a) PC, priors for auto theft, 148(a)(1) PC, resisting arrest, and 1203.2PC violation of probation.

SRPD would like to thank the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and all the Santa Rosa citizens who called into dispatch to help apprehend Hermsmeyer for the stolen beer truck.

“Police say a man wearing only American flag shorts stole a Coors beer truck then ran on foot across Highway 101 in Santa Rosa.”

Well, in my opinion he has good taste in beer! Coors is my go to beer and when it comes to imports I like several different ones.

What a dumbass. At least he will have 3 hots and a cot which is better than living on the street.

Unfortunately, you and I will be footing the bill.

God Bless.


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