BREAKING: National School Walkout Today On 4/20… Here’s Why They Are Doing It

Since when do we allow TEENAGERS to dictate anything?!?!  They eat Tide Pods and snort condoms as internet challenges, now America wants to listen to them on our FREEDOMS and BILL OF RIGHTS?  LMAO  NO! ~ Badger

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Students across the country are set to come together again today to rally against school gun violence — an event the teenage organizers hope will empower young people to continue their momentum in a push for common-sense gun reform, ABC NEWS reports.

Today’s National School Walkout coincides with the anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, where two students opened fire in 1999, killing 12 of their fellow students and a teacher.

Instead of a 17 minute walk-out, the High School students are pushing for an all day walk-out.  Whaaaaaaat?  Teenagers finding and manipulating a situation to get out of school all day?  Say it isn’t so!

And the Parkland, Florida teens are promoting the second National School Walkout taking place across the country on Friday. But the anti-gun, anti-Trump walkout is the brainchild of Lane Murdock, a high school sophomore in Connecticut.

“It is not conservative or liberal,” Murdock, 16, said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR). “It is just about making sure our children don’t get harmed in school and we don’t live in a community and in a country that has institutionalized fear,” Breitbart reports.

“I think we’re all sick of it,” Murdock said. “That’s why we’re doing this.”

“These student organizers have gotten help from a national nonprofit called Indivisible, a group that says it aims to ‘fuel’ young people to ‘resist the Trump agenda,’” NPR reported

Our mission is to fuel a progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda. In every congressional district in the country, people like you are starting local groups and leading local actions. Are you standing indivisible with us? Then sign up for weekly actions and updates.

Every part of the progressive ecosystem is under threat by this President and Congress. The only way to win is by standing together, indivisible. These are the issues we think we can have the most impact on right now.  Indivisible Website

But as Breitbart News reported, Jason E. Glass, superintendent of Jeffco public schools, asked students in his school district to make the anniversary about honoring victims instead of a day of protest:

Given our own shared experiences, the events in Parkland, Florida certainly struck close to our heart. We are quickly approaching April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. Though we offer our heartfelt support to Florida, on this date, most of us thoughtfully reflect on our own history. In Jeffco, we have marked this time of year with positive acts – Columbine High School students participate in a day of service, doing volunteer work for a variety of community organizations and the entire district supports Day Without Hate, with events that promote inclusion and acceptance.

While the folks in Florida encouraged a demonstration of unified, national support through student walkouts, I request our schools and students consider honoring the memory of Columbine by following the lead of the Columbine community, which believes firmly in the motto, “A Time to Remember, a Time to Hope.” Coming together, giving back, and having a collective positive impact on our community has been a Jeffco tradition, and I hope we continue that tradition. My hope is if our students and staff feel the need to recognize the anniversary of the Columbine tragedy during the school day, it will be with acts of kindness and service in honor of the memory of those we have lost.

Where are the adults in the United states that have the courage to shut these kids up and tell them to get their idiotic butts back in school and focus on their grades.  Stop eating Tide Pods, stop snorting condoms and enough with the “who is the biggest dumbass” challenges!

Look, I have raised my share of teens and the last thing I would do is listen to them on the Bill of Rights and our Freedoms.  Especially since our schools stopped educating the truth of our nation and it’s history, yet alone the true meaning of freedom.

I will start this for all of you…

“Ok, you have had your playtime and little moment of fame in the spotlight.  Clearly you have protested too much, missed too many days of school, because you are all idiots. So shut hell up, get your butts back in school, NOW.  We will never listen to your demands. 

Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, these are not entitled, these are not free.  These are earned by fighting for them, not throwing temper tantrums and demands.  You can not demand that everyone bows to your agenda, you cannot force people to kneel to your agenda.  Until you can understand what this truly means, then you get no voice.” ~ Badger

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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