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BREAKING: At Least 257 KILLED After Military Plane Crashes After Takeoff


BREAKING – A military plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Algeria leaving at least 257 people dead, according to officials.

Images of body bags lined up in a field with mangled plane parts visible in the background could be seen on videos on local news stations.

Fox News reports that Algeria’s defense ministry said in a statement that 247 passengers and 10 crew members were killed, with most of the victims being soldiers and their relatives. It added that the victims’ bodies have been transported to the Algerian army’s central hospital in the town of Ain Naadja for identification.

Some passengers were “extracted with deep burns caused by the fuselage catching fire,” Civil protection agency spokesman Farouk Achour told the Associated Press.

More than 300 emergency workers were reported to be the scene and the cause of the crash remains unclear.

The plane that went down, a Soviet-designed Il-76 model, has been in production since 1970s and has an overall good safety record, according to the Associated Press. It is widely used for both commercial freight and military transport. The Algerian military operates several of the planes.

Rest in peace.

God Bless.


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