BREAKING News Out Of California… Horse Trailer Flips On Freeway… LOOK WHAT THEY FOUND INSIDE!!!


A pickup truck pulling a horse trailer crashed in Southern California on Saturday but thankfully no horses were injured.

That’s because there were NO horses in the trailer. It was filled with ILLEGAL ALIENS!


The crash unfolded on Interstate 8 near Campo, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Fox News reports that the Ford F-250 and the trailer that it was pulling got separated while driving and the haul toppled over, the outlet reported, citing the California Highway Patrol (CHP). After the trailer spilled onto the road, several ILLEGALS ran from the scene before they were found, officials said.

As many as 20 people were inside the trailer and up to 18 received treatment, Cal Fire Battalion Chief Kurt Zingheim said.

Six people were sent to the hospital for medical treatment, The Union-Tribune said, while others received treatment on location and reportedly were arrested.

So who’s going to pay for these medical costs? Mexico? Hell no.

The identity of the driver wasn’t known, Border Patrol told the outlet, and they didn’t immediately know if the individual was in custody.


God Bless.


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