BREAKING: Piers Morgan DEMANDS Ban On All Semi-Automatic Guns, Then He Says THIS

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Piers Morgan used a series of tweets Monday to call for a ban on all semi-automatic guns and stress his conviction that “no civilian needs one,” Breitbart reports.

His call for a ban on semi-automatic firearms was followed by other tweets in which he told Americans that the Second Amendment was never intended to protect an individual right to keep and bear arms. Rather, it was only intended to protect militias members’ ability to be armed.

In another tweet, Morgan explained his call for a ban on semi-automatic firearms by saying he fired an AR-15 “rapidly.”

Morgan is nothing more than a loud mouth, egotistical, narcissist, coward of a Brit.  He lives and works in Britain and they are the morons who have been infiltrated by Islam and gave up their firearms.

Piers Morgan and Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv dug into “an epic Twitter battle which underscored how little Morgan knows about the U.S. Constitution.”

 The clash began when Morgan slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan regarding his reaction to a rash of stabbings in the city that has propelled its murder rate to a 13-year high.

“Very disturbing,” the television personality posted. “This is happening on YOUR watch, Mr Mayor — what are you going to do about it?”

Kashuv joined the discussion by tweeting:

But Piers, gun control totally worked and made everyone safer! (It didn’t because criminals bought knives.)

I have the answer… #BanAssaultKnives they’re weapons of war.

Morgan responded by taking the discourse in a different direction. “Kyle, why did America ban automatic weapons if it’s only about the people not the guns?”

“Machine guns are banned because we are allowed to balance the risks of members of the general public having access to rare weapons with extreme capacity to do damage,” the student at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School stated.

“But the AR-15 doesn’t fall into that category because … it is owned by tens of [thousands of people],” Kashuv continued. Newsbuster

Assault weapon is a made up term. Put a extended mag in a hunting rifle and there’d be no difference. So the next take away would be semi-auto rifles, then handguns.

AR does not stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite Rifle the company that created the first AR. he verb Assault describes an action, I was assaulted, he is assaulting someone, she used a gun to assault him. Assault is the action taken. Johnny used a knife to assault Jimmy, this does not make the knife an assault knife. Johnny used a big knife, a blue knife, etc… Big, blue are adjectives, they describe the knife, assault cannot describe something because it is an action word, a verb. The anti-gun movement used the verb “assault” simply to scare people, to make people perceive the weapon (gun) as its own entity capable of action in its own right, making it appear almost alive; therefore an “assault weapon” appears as though it could almost act on its own, that is a scary thought indeed, but it can’t. Words do matter, and using them correctly matters even more when it comes to protecting the Rights of an individual. There is no “assault” weapon, only weapons used in the act of assaulting someone, in the act of an assault. When my grandmother was punishing me she wasn’t using an assault spoon, she was using a wooden one, think about it.

Stop allowing the manipulation of words by politicians to manipulate our fear so they can create monsters that don’t exist, i.e. “assault weapons” because the weapon is not what is doing the assaulting, the human is.

To summarize, Morgan is a pathetic coward who has no business talking about America and our firearm laws.  His ignorance on firearms is only shadowed by his ignorance on American firearm laws and the Constitution.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.




God Bless.


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