Obama Trying To Bury His DISTURBING Connection To 2 Illegals Who Gang Raped American Girl

Obama did a considerable amount of damage to our country through his treasonous 8 year reign as the usurper in the White House. Creating ISIS and continually releasing terrorists back into society was just part of his plot to destroy America, while his other focus was on infiltrating America with terrorists and criminals through his ridiculous immigration policies and flat-out refusal to mend our Southern Border fence. Now thanks to Obama’s reckless policies, a 14-year-old little girl’s life will never be the same after what a pack of Obama’s vicious illegal thugs did to her.

Several months ago in Rockville, Md., high school, a 14-year-old little girl was brutally gang raped by 2 illegals, launching Obama right into the middle of the scandal. In a testimony before the Senate, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd cited Obama’s “catch and release” program for the cause of the rape, blasting the former president for the horrifying atrocity.

“Had we done our job that 14-year-old girl would never have been raped. Period. That’s all there is to it,” Judd said.  The Washington Examiner reported:

Two illegal immigrants have been charged in the rape that occurred a week ago in the Rockville, Md., high school.

Homeland Security officials said that Sanchez-Milian crossed the Texas border, was caught, and released. They have released little other information, including if the two were allowed in under the Obama unaccompanied minor program or why Sanchez-Milian was released.

Judd went on to blast Obama while addressing the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee:

“Had we held those individuals in custody, or that one individual in custody pending a determination that this person should be allowed to remain in this country, that rape wouldn’t have happened. We failed the citizens of this great nation by not securing the border. Not only did we have the catch and release program that completely and totally demoralized the rank and file agents in the border patrol, but we also had an arrest rate of … one out of every two. We only had a 50 percent effectiveness rate. That’s a problem. So not only were the individuals that we were actually arresting, not only were we releasing those individuals, but we were only apprehending one out of every two that was crossing the border illegally.”

Perhaps even more disturbing was the city of Rockville’s response, as the sactuary city is now playing political games and refusing to hand the rapist over to authorities, saying that they illegals will remain in the city until after the trial. Officials on the victim’s side are demanding a full investigation as to how the rapists got into the United States in the first place, as liberals continue to stone-wall the case.

This is yet another reason why we need to deport these savages from America immediately. President Trump’s push to close the border and deport criminals is becoming imperative at this point, now that these vermin are preying upon our young children!

H/T [Washington Examiner]



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