BREAKING: China Just Teamed Up With Russia And Sent BRUTAL MESSAGE TO AMERICA!!!

Beijing has sent a delegation to Russia to show Washington the unity of Russian and Chinese military forces and “support” Russia at the 7th Moscow Conference on International Security.

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe voiced strong support for Russia during the talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Shoigu. While stressing “the united position” on the international arena, the minister said that one of the main goals of the visit was to send a message to Western powers, RT News reports.

“The Chinese side came to let the Americans know about the close ties between the Russian and Chinese armed forces.” ~ Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe

Russia and China have been engaged in their own disputes with the United States. The NATO military buildup on Russia’s doorstep has already “crossed the red line,” according to Russian envoy to NATO Aleksandr Grushko. At the same time, Russia has been hit with sanctions and is facing more possible legal issues with the US and EU over the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK. 

Vassily Nebenzia spoke briefly to reporters outside a diplomatic luncheon in New York hours after President Trump ordered 60 Russian diplomats out of the U.S. and closed down the Russian consulate in Seattle. When one reporter asked whether U.S.-Russia relations were in crisis, Nebenzia said: “It’s been [in crisis for] some time already. Didn’t you notice?”

“Diplomacy supposes that there is a response when such things happen.  Normally there’s a mirror-like response, but wait for what Moscow will say.”

The State Department earlier in March announced plans to provide anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to defend against Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Trump’s predecessor as president, Barack Obama, had declined to do so over fears of provoking Moscow.

In Syria last month, the U.S. military killed or injured as many as 300 men working for a Kremlin-linked private military firm after they attacked U.S. and U.S.-backed forces. The White House, meanwhile, firmly tied Russia to deadly strikes on civilians in Syria’s eastern Ghouta region. RWT NEWS

China has been furious with the United States and President Trump since the start of the President’s foreign policies began.

The US government has approved the sale of weapons, ammunition, and other military systems to Taiwan for the first time since 2011. China is protesting the move, calling it interference in its internal matters and harmful to relations with Washington.

Taiwan will get armored transports, a variety of anti-tank missiles, ship-mounted point defense guns, and other military equipment as part of the package, as well as two refurbished Oliver Hazard Perry-class missile frigates. The total value of the weapons package, the first in over four years, is estimated at $1.83 billion.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned the transaction as interference in China’s internal affairs on Tuesday, calling it harmful to relations between Beijing and Washington.

“We resolutely oppose sales of weaponry or military technology to Taiwan by any country in any form or using any excuse,” Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Chinese government’s Taiwan Affairs Office, told reporters at a briefing on Wednesday.

U.S. Navy warship, the USS Hopper, sailed close to a contested reef west of the Philippines on Wednesday, two days before Defense Secretary Jim Mattis unveiled a new strategy calling China and Russia the biggest threats to the U.S., not terrorism.

China claims virtually the entire South China Sea and has carried out extensive land reclamation work on many of the islands and reefs it claims, equipping some with air strips and military installations that have alarmed rival claimant countries and Western governments led by the United States.

China is North Korea’s most important trading partner and main source of food and energy. It has helped sustain Kim Jong-un’s regime, and has historically opposed harsh international sanctions on North Korea in the hope of avoiding regime collapse and a refugee influx across their 870-mile border.

China’s support for North Korea dates back to the Korean War (1950–1953), when its troops flooded the Korean Peninsula to aid its northern ally. Since the war, China has lent political and economic backing to North Korea’s leaders: Kim Il-sung (estimated 1948–1994), Kim Jong-il (roughly 1994–2011), and Kim Jong-un (2011–). CFR.ORG



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