BREAKING: 4 Muslim Terrorists ARRESTED In Special Op… Here’s What We Know


Mosul, IRAQ — Four Islamic State members were arrested in a special security operation carried out in Mosul, the Iraqi military intelligence said on Friday.

In a statement, the department said, “military intelligence personnel managed to arrest four terrorists in Mosul Old City, al-Shura and Hammam al-Alil regions, depending on accurate information.”

“One of them is wanted by the department,” it added.

Security troops declare arresting Islamic State members hiding in Nineveh every now and then, Iraqi News reports.

Earlier today, security troops arrested Wali (governor) of Mosul and Wali of Qayyarah in an operation carried out in al-Mahana village.

Twelve ISIS members were arrested on Wednesday in an operation carried out in al-Boweir village, west of Mosul. On Tuesday, the command said eighteen ISIS members, including foreign leaders, were killed in a security operation, south of Mosul. On the same day, the command said fourteen militants were arrested in operations carried out in west and south of the city.

Also, two Iraqi mayors were killed this week in separate armed attacks believed to be carried out by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Diyala province, government sources were quoted as saying.

Thousands of ISIS militants as well as Iraqi civilians were killed since the government campaign, backed by paramilitary troops and the coalition was launched in October 2016 to fight the militant group, which declared a self-styled “caliphate” from Mosul in June 2014.

Islamic State continues to launch sporadic attacks across Iraq against troops. Security reports indicate that the militant group still poses threat against stability in the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced, in December, full liberation of Iraqi lands, declaring end of war against ISIS members.

The insanity continues.

God Bless.


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