BREAKING! Police Officer Shot DEAD In Cold Blood… Massive Manhunt Underway RIGHT NOW In This State!!!


BREAKING NEWS! Police in Kentucky were on the hunt Thursday night for an “armed and dangerous” man accused of posing as a cop and pulling over an off-duty police officer — before shooting and killing him, Fox News reports.

The suspect, on the run, was identified as 35-year-old James Decoursey, Christian County Emergency Management told Fox Nashville. Decoursey is white with brown eyes and black hair who weighs 260 lbs and is 6’1″ tall, according to the news outlet.

Authorities reported to the scene on Paulette Court after 5 p.m., WKRN reported. Hopkinsville is about 75 miles north of Nashville.

According to a Hopkinsville Police news release obtained by WSMV, the off-duty officer was pulled over in his own car by someone “pretending to be a police officer.” Not long after, the officer reportedly was shot by the suspect.

Authorities said the suspect took off in a stolen white Chevrolet pickup truck with Kentucky plates, according to WSMV. Decoursey “is considered armed and dangerous,” they said.

Hopkinsville police says suspect James Decoursey was pretending to be an officer, pulled over the off-duty officer, then shot and killed him. We’re on our way to the scene, update shortly.

“BREAKING: Hopkinsville Police officer shot and killed. Suspect is still on the loose. (Photo @WHOPradio)”

“Multiple agencies searching for James Decoursey. Police said he shot and killed an off-duty Hopkinsville Police officer. on the way to Hopkinsville now

“Gov. Matt Bevin confirmed in a tweet the Hopkinsville officer had died.”

“There is no greater sacrifice than that of a person willing to lay down their life for another…Thank God for the

Let’s hope they catch this son of a bitch.

Our prayers go out to the family, friends and fellow LEO’S.

God Bless.


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