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A New York City detective from the NYPD Special Ops team is being hailed a hero after snatching a man from the ledge of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in New York City who was threatening to jump off the bridge into the river below.

Dozens of officers responded to a call of a “jumper” over the weekend after a 31-year-old man scaled a section of the bridge, NBC 4 reported.

Video of the incident shows the man passing out on the platform after he apparently wrapped something around his neck.

Emergency Services Unit Detective Claudio Sanchez sprung into action and pulled the man off the ledge while he appeared limp, Fox News reports.

Emergency Services Unit Detective Claudio Sanchez was credited with saving a man’s life on Sunday. (NYPD)

In a split-second decision, Sanchez can be seen darting across the platform to pull the man back from the ledge and into a harness, avoiding a disastrous 100 foot fall into the East River below, according to the station.

“I immediately talked back to my rope guy and told him give me some slack on the line,” Sanchez told the station. “It was an instant thing. Turned around. We grabbed him.”

Police then proceeded to perform CPR on the man, before being rushed to a nearby hospital where he remains in stable, but serious condition, the station reported.

Here’s the video from Fox News:

Shocking video: New York police save suicidal man on top of bridge

The NYPD Special Ops team save a 31-year-old who was perched atop New York City’s RFK Bridge. The man appears to tie something around his neck and then passes out before crews pull him from the ledge.



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