2 Black Thugs Spot White Women And Young Child, Show Them New Use For Baseball Bat! [VID]

An epic reason on why everyone should have a Conceal and Carry!

Chris “Badger” Thomas  RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

A Florida woman was savagely beaten with a bat when an enraged sister-duo chased her through a shopping plaza during an alleged road rage incident, Fox News reports.

Her face still bruised and her broken nose in bandages, 25-year-old Mikaela Barboza said the road rage attack went down on Thursday, when she cut off a woman while driving down U.S. 441.

The victim said that woman’s sister, who was driving a different car, saw what happened and began yelling at her.

“‘You cut my sister off, that’s disrespectful,’” Barboza said as she recreated the chain of events that led to the brutal attack.

Barboza said the sister of the woman she cut off continued to chase her while yelling derogatory remarks.

Fearing for her safety, the victim pulled into a strip mall off Oakland Park Boulevard to try and get away. Miami Local 7

The 2 vehicles went on the search for the victim, as they drove through the strip mall, one of them found her and blocked her in front and the other care blocked her from behind, trapping the woman and her child.

“I don’t got time for this. I got a kid, bruh,” Barboza said as the camera swings up to reveal a woman in a floral dress opening her trunk.

“I got a kid too,” the woman said, now advancing toward Barboza with a wooden baseball bat in hand. A small boy can be seen in the front seat of the woman’s car, watching the scene. “I don’t give a f—.” Miami Herald

“Her sister actually blocked me in, and the other sister blocked me from behind,” Barboza said. “I had nowhere to go.”

The footage captured one of the women walking toward Barboza while carrying a baseball bat in her right hand.

She then yelled racial slurs and began bashing Barboza in the head.

“After I got hit the first time, I just grabbed her and we started wrestling on the floor, so I got the bat away from her.  While I’m wrestling with her, the other sister with the wooden bat just started hitting me in the back of the head.”

Another bystander eventually stepped in and broke it up but it was too late as far as the injuries she had already received.

Barboza was rushed to the hospital with a bloody wound to the head and a broken nose.

“Five stitches on the top and two inside,” said Barboza as she showed 7News her head injuries. “I got seven staples in the back of my head from where the other sister was hitting me in the back.”

“I’m just happy to be here; I’m happy to be alive and not brain dead or anything like that,” she added. “Cause I know it could have been a lot worse.”

“If I knew she’d have a bat I would’ve hauled butt, but it was too late,”

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived after the women with baseball bats left, but Barboza said she filed a police report while she was in the hospital getting her wounds treated. BSO did not respond to immediate request for comment.

“I’m pressing charges of course,” she said. “I want justice to be served. I want them off the street and in jail.”

At no point did the victim say anything racist or slander “Black People” yet the two scumbags used the typical race card as the violently beat the white female.

You are damn right race matters in this incident, because this has become the norm and I am sick and tired of watching racism and violence turn against someone because they are white.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.




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