BREAKING News Out Of Chicago… IT’S BIG!!!


Sorry to our readers in Chicago but I just have to say that CHICAGO IS A PILE OF SH*T! Most of you probably agree but getting the hell out of there isn’t as easy as it sounds. I feel for you.

So here’s some good news and some bad news.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is being challenged by a former Chicago Police Superintendent named Garry McCarthy who was fired by Emanuel back in 2015 (Obama) to be the mayor of Chicago.

Sound good? Yeah, there’s just one problem – McCarthy is a filthy DEMOCRAT! LMAO!

You folks just can’t catch a break.

FOX News reports that McCarthy, who is a self-described pro-police, limited-government candidate, would be running against the liberal Emanuel who sent shockwaves through the City of Chicago when he fired his own top cop, McCarthy.

If McCarthy runs, it will make for a very personal race and some fiery political theater as he’ll be fighting back against Emanuel, who is also a Democrat and President Obama’s former White House chief of staff. Emanuel recently stabilized from citywide demands and protests calling for him to resign after he was accused of helping secure his mayoral re-election by burying a tape that showed Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times. Emanuel has denied any cover up.

However, in the court of public opinion, Emanuel still hasn’t necessarily been cleared of the widely accepted accusation that he kept the tape under wraps.

Emanuel has never gone into great detail about the alleged secrecy surrounding the tape and, after initially defending Van Dyke and McCarthy, Emanuel ultimately placed blame on the then-top cop and fired him.

McCarthy argues the tape was out of his hands and that Emanuel’s city council voted to quickly pay the victim’s family millions of dollars.

Emanuel is Obama’s bitch that have spent many hours together in gay bath houses.

Look, as far as I’m concerned, Chicago is beyond help.

It’s a fricking cesspool.

The good days are gone.

That’s what happens when liberals are in control.

F Emanuel and F liberals.

God Bless.


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