Trump Just Discovered Angela Merkel’s DIRTY Little Secret…Now There’s Hell To Pay!

Prissy Holly at RIGHT WING TRIBUNE –

If there’s one person on planet earth who despises Trump as much as liberals, it’s the idiot currently running Germany, Angela Merkel. This woman has been hell-bent on destroying her country with refugees, even teaming with ISIS-loving Obama, where the pair held public appearances to push Merkel’s reckless propaganda for open borders back in the fall, labeling anyone who opposed the plan as “violators of basic human rights.”

As Merkel continues to give Trump the royal snub, she just tried to stab America in the back with the sneaky and illegal thing she did behind our backs. But unfortunately for this terrorist-pandering idiot, Trump just caught her red-handed and now there’s hell to pay after what one of her very own officials revealed about her.

One of the main tenants of Trump’s presidency so far has been “putting America first,” and showing countries that the days of the Obama destroying our country is over. Trump has been cracking down on predatory trade practices against U.S. companies lately, and has repeated threats to punish trade partners who would do harm to the American economy. Learning that the United States is increasing sanctions on trade, Angela Merkel devised a sneaky plot to cook the books in order to get a better trade deal with the United States and make it look like her surplus was NOT increasing.

The scandal was just uncovered by Heiner Flassbeck, the country’s former state-secretary of finance, revealing how Merkel is cooking the books in order to stab Trump and the United States in the back. Express.UK reported:

Berlin’s annual trade surplus could be as high as €80billion (£70billion) which has encouraged Professor Heiner Flassbeck, the country’s former state-secretary of finance, to declare that Angela Merkel is “cooking the books”.

Prof Flassbeck accused Germany of “cooking the books so that the surplus does not look as if it is increasing” as Mrs Merkel’s nation was accused of understating the true size of its current trade surplus in a bid to deflect growing criticism from around the world. 

The US President last year said Germany was “very bad on trade” as he pointed at the “million of cars” Germany sold to the US. 

The President was reported as saying at the time: “Terrible. We will stop this.”

And Prof Flassbeck added: “What they are doing is a form of ‘political smoothing’, but very few people understand this.”

This woman seriously has no shame! In addition to destroying her country with refugees, she’s now stabbing America in the back, all because she hates President Trump. Merkel has been teaming up with Obama in recent months to undermine Trump, where the pair met back in the fall to push the ridiculous propaganda of welcoming MORE refugees to Germany.

Perhaps most nauseating of all was the “rock star welcome” that Obama received from the German crowd who are all too eager to praise the very man responsible for creating ISIS, as their country continues to go down the crapper as Germany is infiltrated with Obama and Merkel’s precious “refugees.” Despite the fact that both British and French intelligence have evidence that the Manchester bomber had ties to ISIS, there’s still not enough blood of children running in the streets apparently for the German people to wake the hell up, as it appears that they are just as freaking stupid as the liberals we have residing here in America.

Obama’s trip to Europe was in no way coincidental, as this man has devoted his life as a civilian to taking down our president while doing everything in his power to destroy not only Trump’s presidency, but Trump’s goal to rid the world of ISIS. Of course Obama can’t have his 8 years of “progress” of spreading Islam across the globe to be so easily dismantled by Trump which is why this clown is now teaming up with treasonous hag Angela Merkel to bash Trump’s plans for more border security. And anyone who gets in the way of Obama and Merkel’s plans to transform Germany into an Islamic State will be labeled “xenophobic Islamophobes,” who callously don’t care about the “poor orphans and widows” simply trying to flee their “war-ravaged countries.” But if this woman thinks she’s going to stab America in the back while Trump is president, she has another whole thing coming!

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