DC Lawyer Drops ‘Historic Bombshell’ About What Obama ‘Meticulously Hid’ While President

Prissy Holly at RIGHT WING TRIBUNE –

A new report from assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy is revealing the startling lengths that Obama went to in order to ensure that Hillary was elected, because he knew that Hillary would help sweep all his crimes underneath the rug.

In the latest Obama Drama Scandal, McCarthy reveals through his article for the National Review the unbelievable steps that Obama went through in order to get away with their crimes. But after the election didn’t go as planned, now all of Obama’s dirty laundry is being aired for the entire world to see. McCarthy reveals that it wasn’t the FBI or the Department of Defense’s decision to not prosecute Hillary, but it was Obama’s master plan all along, where the former president even used pseudonymous email account to communicate with Clinton on her non-secure email so the two could communicate about their treasonous plans without anyone knowing.

Former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy contended in a recent opinion editorial that the “inevitable” decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State was former “President Barack Obama’s call — not the FBI’s, and not the Justice Department’s.

Obama of course went on national television to lie his ass off, saying that he just found out about Hillary’s non-secure server, which is complete BS,  since he had been communicating WITH HER through a secret identity through these channels!

What’s even more sick is that Obama had all his minions in place to safeguard all the treachery that was taking place. John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, even demanded that email exchanges between Obama and Hillary be “held back,” citing ridiculous “executive privileges,” that worked for a time.

But unfortunately for the former Traitor-In-Chief, his massive whoppers set off a domino effect that’s now helping expose the massive scandal that was until now kept under wraps. McCarthy went on to explain that it was at this point Obama took the deception to the next level by sealing all communications he had with Clinton through email.

“Obama had his email communications with Clinton sealed. He did this by invoking a dubious presidential-records privilege. The White House insisted that the matter had nothing to do with the contents of the emails, of course; rather, it was intended to vindicate the principle of confidentiality in presidential communications with close advisers. With the media content to play along, this had a twofold benefit: Obama was able (1) to sidestep disclosure without acknowledging that the emails contained classified information, and (2) to avoid using the term “executive privilege” — with all its dark Watergate connotations — even though that was precisely what he was invoking.

Note that claims of executive privilege must yield to demands for disclosure of relevant evidence in criminal prosecutions. But of course, that’s not a problem if there will be no prosecution.”

After Obama tried desperately to hide his email traffic to Hillary by crafting the plot to not investigate her for her email scandals, that’s when Comey began drafting his exoneration letters before he even interviewed key witnesses as he knew full well that Hillary would never be prosecuted for her crimes. That’s when the infamous “tarmac meeting” took place between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton where their final plans could be made in secret. McCarthy also touched on that in his article saying:

“On July 1, amid intense public criticism of her meeting with Bill Clinton, Attorney General Lynch piously announced that she would accept whatever recommendation the FBI director and career prosecutors made about charging Clinton.

Then the infamous texts were sent between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, where they discussed how Lynch “knows no charges will be brought.” The very next day is when Hillary Clinton was interviewed by  Strzok, which is documented below.

McCarthy went on:

“On the same day, according to a Strzok–Page text, a revised draft of Comey’s remarks was circulated by his chief of staff, Jim Rybicki. It replaced “the President” with “another senior government official.”

This effort to obscure Obama’s involvement had an obvious flaw: It would practically have begged congressional investigators and enterprising journalists to press for the identification of the “senior government official” with whom Clinton had exchanged emails. That was not going to work.”

This is absolutely unbelievable. From day one this entire debacle was not only intricately planned, but Obama and Hillary tirelessly worked every single detail, laying out the framework for two knowing they’d get exonerated for their crimes.

H/T [Dennis Michael Lynch]

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