BREAKING News Out Of Florida… HOLY HELL! [Graphic]

Camille Balla is accused of killing her mother with glass shards.

(Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)


A Royal Palm Beach woman is accused of gouging out her mother’s eyes with shards of glass, and killing her in a drug-fueled attack, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO).

OMG! What an evil MONSTER!

Camille Balla, 32, was arrested early Friday on suspicion of committing murder after the slashed-up body of her mother, Francisca Monteiro-Balla, 55, was found in their blood-soaked Royal Palm Beach home, FOX News reported.

“I killed my mother and I need help,” Balla, who claimed to have smoked cannabis possibly laced with Flakka or PCP before the incident, told responding deputies, according to a police report viewed by the Sun-Sentinel.

Balla handed over a pair of bloody keys to the home and detectives say they found her mother’s eyeballs removed from their sockets and placed on top of a cardboard box in the garage. Monteiro-Balla was killed with glass shards and had suffered wounds to the head, arms, chest and stomach, they added.

Investigators also found several handwritten notes throughout the home with religious undertones “related to clearing of the soul,” the Sun-Sentinel added, citing a police report.

Police said Balla had cuts on her hand and screamed “I’m a murderer, I’m a murderer!” while being treated by paramedics. They were called to investigate after a colleague found Balla covered in blood outside the home, according to the newspaper.

CBS12 reports that deputies with PBSO say Balla called a coworker to ask for help because she thought she killed her mother.

The coworker then arrived to the house on 102 Country Club Way and found Balla standing outside covered in blood.

According to PBSO, deputies arrived to the scene and found Balla acting erratically with blood on her hands. Balla then told deputies, “I killed my mother, and I need help.”

Deputies asked if Balla had consumed any drugs, and she said she had smoked marijuana. Deputies believe the marijuana to be laced with Flakka or PCP.

Balla was denied bond during a hearing Monday and was ordered by a court to have a mental health evaluation. The police report also said she was running around for periods of time during the arrest and had bouts of screaming while being treated by hospital staff.

Balla is charged with first degree murder.

Unbelievable. This lady is a total freak.



God Bless.


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